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More localizations, your thoughts?

Hello, I'm an old GW1 player, personally I loved it as I also love GW2, there's only one thing I miss: the localization in my language (Italian). Leaving aside the dubbing that is very expensive and complicated, GW1 had as available text languages [English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Traditional Chinese]. I know very well that now it's impossible to change GW2 from this point of view, but I have two questions about it:
1) What were the reasons that drove you to drastically reduce the number of languages available?
2) In the event of a future GW3, is there a possibility that it will be translated into more than the current 5 languages?

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    We’ve commented on this question many times in the past so to reiterate briefly, each time we prepare to launch a new game we carefully review all aspects of the game including localization. For each language, we carefully assess the business and other elements involved in including an additional language. At this point we do not intend to offer the current game in any additional languages. Naturally each game receives their separate reviews and it is possible that a future project would have different language support.

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    I'd like to provide context to this recurring topic: a major factor into considering what languages we want to support is player expectations from the territory: do the players expect a fully localized and supported product or not? We look at what does is take to support the game for the territory, it involves the cost to localize which is by and large driven by the total word count and line count(voice over) for of the game; GW2's sheer volume (Over 5 million words) is cost prohibitive for many territories unfortunately.
    Adding on to that we have to consider customer support, marketing, community, distribution and other services we have to provide and maintain, it goes beyond providing a language.

    With that being said, GW2 is a live game so also we look at player trends over time and evaluate what could make sense in the future. If anything, I'm really keen on exploring possibilities to make GW2 accessible to more players :)

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