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[NA] LF raid static for weekly reset or any of Tue/Thu/Sat evenings NA timezones

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Updated 19 March 2019 — this post will be updated regularly until I have a group set for each day listed

Looking for a static that does clears at weekly reset or on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays NA timezones starting some time between daily reset to +8 hours (daily reset is 8PM EDT/5PM PDT). Preferably a chill group where people are playing for the group and not just greeding dps to make bigger numbers to the detriment of everyone.

I have 850+LI. I am experienced with wings 1-6. Though Qadim still not that much, however, I've killed it 5 times, to include once for CM. I have mostly been stuck in chrono jail recently, so my dps is not super great in the moment. However, I'll play whatever the group needs even if chrono jail is where I stay.

Currently geared and can play:

  • Mesmer (Qadim, Dhuum, SH): chrono tank/off; mirage condi dps
  • Warrior (Qadim CM, KC, Xera): power and condi banners; condi zerker dps
  • Dragonhunter power (Qadim, Gorse, Sab)
  • Thief power (Sam, Xera): staff daredevil; d/d and rifle deadeye; haven't been able to play much though
  • Druid healing (MO, Cairn, CA), though I've only been able to play it on 3 kills in the 3 months I've had it geared so far, so by no means good/exp with it

I have 5 sets of legendary armour and more than enough ascended chests and gear lying around to be able to gear just about anything if needed.

If more information, kill proof, logs, etc. needed, message/mail me in game or on discord at c2t#1625 .


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    edited January 21, 2019

    Bump. Both groups I was in did not survive the holidays.

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    Bump. Reopening all the times I can raid to widen the net cast

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    @Illconceived Was Na.9781 said:

    Sorry, but a link without any context or information is spam at worst. It is not at all helpful. And, judging from your post history, spam is indeed all that it is.

    That's an interesting way of informing the community as to how the Original Poster would deal with challenges.

    Challenges? Link spam is link spam. It's the only thing the person has posted in multiple threads.

    daily reset is 7PM EST/4PM PST

    Daylight Savings began 7-8 hours before your last edit; you might want to adjust those numbers.

    The times listed are technically not wrong. And I'm not affected by US daylight savings stuff anyway. I did change the times from EST/PST to EDT/PDT though for those who have been afflicted.

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