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Greek Titans community [GrT] is part of the homonymous Gaming Community with presence in several games such as diablo, WoW, destiny, lol and more.
At Guild Wars 2 we are an active guild with experienced officers. We have max level guild hall and we do a lot content, both PvE and PvP ( Raid, guild missions, fractals, dungeons). For the WvWers we are at Aurora Glade server. We olso have a discord server with experienced moderators and friendly and mature members many community events and more activities to participate if you wish for.
If you want to join the community and our guild you can find us

-In game:
Leader: TheHolyGrave.9170
Officers: Souvlaki.1285, Wolf.9158

-At our discord:

-At our site:

-At Facebook:

Represent is NOT necessary