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Which profession is the best at burst burn damage? Also sustained burn damage?

I want to know burst for when I'm PvE clearing and sustained for when I fractal, dungeon, or raid. Right now I'm just playing zerker (ran out of laurels, slowing getting more now). I would love to get a vipers build going (is it possible to get free vipers trinkets and a backpack?). My first guess for burst burning is guardian, with sustained burning going to Rev or Elementalist. Unsure. I don't condi much. It's so confusing QQ


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    Fb for burst, weaver and engi for sustained, but burning damages quite quickly so it ends up being the same thing. Tempest also had quite strong burst, not sure if it's still the case.

    Ls3 maps give HoT stat trinkets for free basically.

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  • A reaper with 100% Burn Duration, Onslaught, and Dhuumfire can maintain 6-7 stacks of burning for however long they can spam auto for while in shroud. This is useful in the likes of open world because on demand burst is very helpful.

  • burst
    berserker, firebrand, tempest
    weaver, engi w/ flamer, reaper

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    FB maintains 10 - 30+ stacks of burning and is the go to if you want to play with that condition mainly.

    Even with burns, power damage reigns supreme in endgame PvE though, aside some few Raid bosses which heavily favour condition damage builds (such as Matt and Twins), for which you usually stack Mirages.

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  • May you never run into a destroyer.

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    @Veluna.7316 said:
    May you never run into a destroyer.

    I second that...

  • @Seteruss.4058 said:

    @Veluna.7316 said:
    May you never run into a destroyer.

    I second that...

    I run Grieving on my Firebrand for things such as this.

    That all said, I'm not sure exactly what this thread is asking. If you mean "burn" as the condition burning, then the Guardian is the best one. Specifically the Firebrand. The Firebrands have the shortest condi ramp-up, the highest short-term burst, and the ability to recharge tomes on kill makes them surprisingly good at smaller mobs. The raid meta uses Vipers gear, but I went with Grievers because it does nearly the same damage, but it is better for general use in the rest of the game.

    If you mean condition damage in general, then the award goes to Firebrand for most categories. For long-term condition damage, however, there are a few better options:

    Against really mobile enemies that attack a lot, Mirage is king. Torment does extra damage on movement and confusion does extra damage on action, so the Mirage's damage output can vary wildly from 30k to 40k DPS. The mirage has drawbacks, though, in that it has long ramp-up and poor cleave. It is great for single targets, and all of the evades make this class great for staying alive and solo challenges.

    Against a large hitbox, the Renegade is king. The rotation is difficult, and managing energy takes a lot of practice, but the Renegade has some of the highest consistently sustained damage in the game. It inflicts plenty of burn, alongside of every other condition. It also attacks in wide areas, giving it excellent cleave. However, ramp-up is still an issue, and against smaller enemies the RNG of the skills can mess things up severely.

    If you want burst damage... you go for power. Condition builds overall are pretty terrible at burst, with the best one being the Firebrand.

    If you are looking for sustained damage still focusing on burns, then there are two other builds. The condi Berserker (warrior specialization) does medium damage and is supposedly fairly easy to play. The condi Weaver does better damage, but the rotation is face-melting difficult.

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