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What are your petty grievances in GW2?



  • @Purgatori.3645 said:
    Not having the option to save armor/weapon combos for quick swapping is kinda irritating. Not the skins the actual armor .... this should be a thing asap.

    This is a serious quality of life improvement that needs to be done.
    It's a tedious process swapping around all your traits, skills, weapons and armor. Also a very common thing to do.
    PvE, Dungeons, Raids, Fractals and WvW all use different combinations. Sometimes more than one potentially.
    PvP could also use the option to save and load different sets. They already have the presets built in, so the framework looks like it's already in place.

    Besides that I think the range of say chat is a little high. Same with the range of emotes.
    Seems a little strange, standing at the Bank in Lion's Arch I can hear someones conversation near the repair anvil.
    Or know someone is busting out some sweet, sweet dance moves 3/4 of the way to the Trading Post.

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  • sigh I hate to do this in my first post but, didn't it occur to any one in the development team that maybe some one that had already done the hero point in Balthazar's Rest may later on try to craft Nevermore? You know cause it kind of almost impossible to get the raven if you can't turn off the flames in the hp, but then again I have been unable to be online for the event, so it really tricky since when it does pop up there is no one in the map or aren't interested and my guild is mostly asleep or in wvw (egb mostly), so I was wondering if there was any plans to change it so that it somewhere else in Balthazar's Rest, I mean it ok that you need the ability to enter the place but waiting for the event well not every one has long hours to wait for it to pup.

  • Mine is that I can't use my level scrolls (from birthdays) on a level 80 character and get spirit shards like I can tomes of knowledge. I won't delete them cause every time I have done something like that in the past Anet brings out a reason I should have saved the item.

  • Xxnecroxx.4039Xxnecroxx.4039 Member ✭✭✭

    The balance team with how incompetent they are

  • maddoctor.2738maddoctor.2738 Member ✭✭✭✭

    As a Thief, being told time and time again how to be stealthy or given gadgets that make me stealthy. I'm a THIEF, I know how to move unseen, you don't have to give me gizmos that provide stealth, nor treat me like a newbie in dialogue. "Stay out of sight or they will raise the alarms!", thanks I haven't figured that out myself. Stop treating thieves as if they are not thieves...

  • Auto-target letting me pound away on the bunny behind the next hill over instead of the mob standing right on top of me. I love dropping into Reaper Shroud when getting mobbed, hitting skill 2, and rushing right out of the fight to kill that deer behind the tree.....

  • luzonophir.7134luzonophir.7134 Member ✭✭
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    Few of the GM's only cherry pick the expletive words, not even tracing why they were being said (like if you were baited to say those or something ~>(https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/761137#Comment_761137)) and suspend you for hundreds or thousands of hours.

    Do your f'kn job properly please. Obviously, you ain't got the flow.

    Knock, Knock, Mike O' Brien. ;)

  • Clothing, animations and character creation basic face are plain fugly human side.

  • Loki.4871Loki.4871 Member ✭✭

    The lack of short hairstyles on female norn/humans/sylvari. I want a pixie cut darn it.
    More GW1 armours not returning.
    Not being able to swap weapons out of combat on elementalists.
    Lack of skimpy armours on medium and heavy armour for female humanoids
    Lack of skimpy armours for male humanoids (Hey, some wanna show off the sixpack)
    Currency bloat
    Exotic containers that don't even give rares.
    Exotic containers that give containers that don't even give rares.

  • Fraghound.5730Fraghound.5730 Member ✭✭✭

    Every time wintersday rolls around I get petty over a backpack.

    There is a super cute backpack that looks like a simple bag with stuff poking out of it (I love the look of it), but the only way you can get it is through a PVP reward track. I can't do pvp - my internet disconnects constantly every time I try. But they have no other way of getting it at all. The wvw reward tack is the exact same track minus the backpack, which drives me nuts because I can do wvw just fine. I'm fine with achievements, paying gold, doing wvw or anything other then pvp, I just want options to get the backpack! 8c

  • I wish we could either simplify or remove other player's attack effects/ particle effects in the graphics menu. Would take a load off of the computer's workload... and my eyes lol.

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  • Still having 0 communication on class "design/balancing" with the community 6 years after game's launch (No, we cannot look at a crystal ball to guess what they are thinking)
    Living seasons being filled with bugs but being charged as full content (I guess the word polish is out of question)
    The world not getting updated even though so many events have happened (Race mentors death/injury/promotion etc. for example)

  • @Tyger.1637 said:
    In the personal story...

    "Quay".... IT'S PRONOUNCED 'KEY'

    I hate to burst your bubble but I went to school with a guy who was actually named Quay, and he was a Jr. so his father had the same name. They both pronounced it exactly as it is spelled.

  • @Dami.5046 said:
    The fact there are many Maps but you can only taxi to them. GW allowed you to go to the open maps or districts via a drop down menu.
    The sell limit on TP.
    The fact I can't 'clear down' the chat log.
    people who beg for gold.
    The fact that I can't see foes on the mini map, be it Pve or WvW. I miss my red dots!
    Not being able to mark a place on the map with an X or the like to show people where you are heading.
    No notepad in game to store things such a way points, builds or items you need.
    Doing the guild treks and it takes ages to update.
    Nerfs. All the piggin time.

    If you hold the Alt key and left click you can mark a spot on the map, yw

  • Caeden.4187Caeden.4187 Member
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    @blackheartgary.8605 said:
    and my final list(i swear this is it) of "petty grievances" (no i am NOT being serious), Path of Fire Edition
    1. So... after all my VERY reluctant hero of shaemoor/order rep/dragon slayer has had to go through, including listening to caudecus' incessant whining about how great he is... and don't even get me started on the painting with Logan(poor poor Logan can't even land Caudecus), I now have to not only Take down a God, but i have to do it while fending off another round of zombies led by Joko, a never-ending supply of Forged nightmares, AND i have to do all of that while NOT killing an elder dragon because all of a sudden killing elder dragons are bad, mmk? THIS information could have been brought to my attention back during the zhaitan fight, right before we had to get on that airship. that way, I'd politely pull a Trahearne and say "my wyld hunt is over, screw you guys i am goin home."
    2. that ______ chef in the crystal oasis BETTER start hiring his own help, or the only thing i will be throwing at him is dancing daggers and the occasional death's judgement.
    3. while we are on the subject of the Oasis, can we just talk about the poor bastich awakened merchant that has to sell people mini awakened dolls? i mean.... couldn't Joko's generals give him anything else to say except "you buy?"
    4. Choya stampedes gate. not a single NPC lifts a finger to help. Perhaps if we asked Taidha Covington to build a gate at Amnoon, they wouldn't have this problem.
    5. that moment when you are in the clear and a shark delivers a staggering RKO outta nowhere. in the desert.
    6. Tag sets up a squad to take on the Legendary Facet. 50 people join in. Tag tells everyone to leave the facet alone till everyone shows up. and then? aaaannnnnd THEN? someone triggers the facet. just because. both chaos and hilarity ensue.
    7. Taimi's constant over use of her communication device. who's paying for the minutes? are there roaming charges? WHY IS SHE ALWAYS BUSY when i call her back?
    8. that moment when a harpy spellbreaker refuses to allow any attempts for you to get back up. ever.
    9. Rytlock let Balthazar loose from his chains in the mists. not a single eye is twitching. not a single NPC triggered. the Hairy furball goes "oops i did it again". NO BRITTANY, this does not fly.
    10. I get why the gods left and refuse to fight the elder dragons, but you would think they would have left us with something telling us that killing them was bad. Hell, Taimi, a cute tiny Asura pre-teen with cell phone addiction, can divulge killing them is bad, so why didn't the Gods?
    11. ToPK(tomb of the primeval Kings) is way way too easy to a: enter, B: rob from, and C: walk out in one piece.
    12. alright, I get we go one on one with the great Balthy-one... and he kills us. like literally kills us. poof that's it. what i don't get is when we enter what i assume is a waystation for the dead, we immediately forget our name, address, phone number, purpose and the fact that we just went one on one with a God. ONE of those things should have been a residual memory. perhaps it's the phone number.
    13. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy impersonating an awakened general any day of the week same as the next fella. but Iberu is HUGE. he towers over a Norn for crying out loud. not only that, but the awakened have even seen Iberu. so how did Kas drop that memser magic on us so well that we not only sound like the archon, look like the archon, but convince the "smartest" military minds in the awakened army that we are Iberu? On top of that, I do not see a single sylvari or charr awakened. anywhere. how did canach and "cuddles" pass?
    14. Canach and Rytlock... still a better love story than Jennah/Logan.
    15. yes yes... Praise Joko. also, Praise Sohothin, because that sword basically ended Balthazar. (psst, don't tell Logan we had the sword in our hands and didn't give it back to him)
    16. so... lemme get this right. Taimi has "daddy" issues with Phlunt. Kas had daddy issues with her legit dad. My parents died(and i am still not batman)=more daddy issues. Rox had daddy issues from being a Gladium and not being allowed in Rytlok's warband. Canach had daddy issues when we killed his dad, Mordremoth. Aurene's now got daddy issues because Kralkatorrik. kitten near every one of our team has daddy issues? you mean to tell me that the only person without daddy issues is... FAREN?
    17. (kinda PoF related) so... flash forward to the title fight with Palawa Joko.Commander goes through funhouse. traps for days. every possible way to inform the commander that they should not be taking on Joko is put in Joko's face(including our wingman being Braham). we get super super hyped and legit ready to whoop palawa Joko's rooty poo candy kitten. the fight begins, and just as we are about to deliver the stunner? aurene swoops in and EATS HIM??? also.... If we, the commander, are such a bad person, getting all of those people killed in in our quest to figure out a solution to the elder dragon problem, including making 2 other mistakes by killing 2 elder dragons already... this INSTANTLY reaffirms my very first grievance: I never wanted to be the gosh darn hero!
    18.kitten you trahearne. kitten you to hell.

    Dude I love reading your pet peeves, they make me laugh lol
    2 yea, lets just kill that dude because it will make a lot of people very happy
    9 Rytlock = Britney rofl
    10 yea it is pretty bad that little tiny preteen Taimi figured that out and the Gods didn't, or maybe the jerks just didn't tell us.
    14 Rtlock + Canach awesome lol
    15 Logan has not earned the right to that sword so he can kiss my kitten
    16 everyone has Daddy issues, except Faren, I honestly don't think he is smart enough to have them
    17 maybe Aurene was hungry and got tired of waiting for the fight to end to go get food? lol
    18 Trahearne was pretty kitten annoying but I felt kinda bad killing him.

  • Danikat.8537Danikat.8537 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Bumping this up because I got reminded of another one today: the 19 character limit for names. Yes 19 is quite long, but very occasionally it's not long enough and that's really annoying. Especially when you only want 1 more.

    I'd love to call my Elonian themed elementalist 'Rinkhal Stormbringer' after 2 creatures native to Istan (in GW1) but no. It's just 1 letter too long and no matter how many times I look at it I can't find a letter I could remove without the resulting name looking stupid.

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  • Dreamy Lu.3865Dreamy Lu.3865 Member ✭✭✭✭

    For me, that's a very small thing, really a peanut, however annoying me every day: That leaves of plant/tree don't turn invisible and obstruct the view when we are in a bush or up in a tree or gliding or similar situations. In GW1, they were turning invisible. Why not in GW2?

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  • Eidolonemesis.5640Eidolonemesis.5640 Member ✭✭✭
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    My biggest grievance is the fact that a 'Kneel, run, Kneel, run Kneel mode' does not exist for Deadeye, as briefly explained in this screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/JOaTw76 and as further explained in this thread: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/51447/suggestion-kneel-run-kneel-run-deadeye-kneel-mode-concept-explained-for-better-mobility that explains and proves why and how the concept is not OP at all.

    I made that suggestion for Deadeye back in August of this year that has remained between pages 1-3 during that time passed, and for good reason, because it solves Deadeye's biggest problem: lack of mobility.

    An excerpt from my post points out, and I quote, "GW2 may not be a shooter, but since there is a shooter Class in GW2 that utilizes firearms, what makes playing the Class any different from playing the role of a shooter in shooter games? There is no difference, because let's be honest, you would more than likely throw your shooter games in the garbage if the only way to move from one point to another while using a rifle was to dodge-move all over the place." end quote

    It may be an eternity, but we will see what the future holds for the Deadeye spec and its lack of mobility.

  • Zeivu.3615Zeivu.3615 Member ✭✭✭
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    All the major classes feel white-washed of their culture and distinctive flavors.

  • Give charr bigger mounts.
    Invoke asuran magical genetic engineering, or say that since they're summoned anyway, you can scale them to whatever size you wish. But the way that my charr are sitting on a springer or jackal that are about their size is just... sad.

  • Pressing tab to target the closest enemy but it targets the enemy behind me causing my skills to be out of range...this happens daily but it annoys me every time.

  • DerJoker.9081DerJoker.9081 Member ✭✭✭

    Build templates, pls anet :(

  • Balthzar.3807Balthzar.3807 Member ✭✭✭

    people who complain about minor petty stuff ;)

  • Ele's constant state of suck.

    Yea yea, pick another class, nah, I'm picking another game.

  • They TOok Away the WArrior's Old Infinite spin. IT was the whole reason I made Twilight!!! Ugh, I miss spinning in place looking at all the various galaxies that exist in twilight. Sigh....

  • Mystic forge, no question. When I have to forge a mat 100+ times 1 at a time...

    Profanity ensues after 50...

  • Malandrazi.6742Malandrazi.6742 Member
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    1.The Gambling -Black lion chests and keys are not easily earned in game and lock items behind an rng paywall. I've currently got over 100 chests and no keys. In my early days of playing (2014, before I knew the predatory nature of RNG Lootboxes)I spent hundreds of hours unlocking keys and hundreds of real dollars on keys trying to get a bank contract, to this day still haven't got one. It got so bad that I now believe that they only give them to streamers and influencers.
    2. overall lack of reward for playing, I haven't had a decently obtainable gear upgrade in months.
    3. knowing that .19% of players pay over 40% of the profit and if your not in that demographic your s.o.l. and won't like most of the changes made because they don't care about the rest of us.
    4. I've pretty much quit playing and am waiting for a reason to start playing again.
    5. Gem store prices are unaffordable.
    well, back to playing Fallout 4 for lack of a better option in 2018.....

  • Gulbasaur.1865Gulbasaur.1865 Member ✭✭✭
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    Another "build templates please" post.

    A mastery. An item. Make us work for it. That's fine.

    Anything that stops the "hang on, I'll swap to from soulbeast to druid - click click click click click click click click click click click okay that's my armour changed, now for accessories and trinkets and then my traits" issue. It's just so minor and yet so annoying. We can do it in different game modes, so it must be possible.

    Not so petty: the mount not loading if I haven't used it for a while and just sitting in the floor. Sometimes I "secretly" move according to the minimap and when I dismount I'm juddered to where the game things I should be. Sometimes, though, that doesn't happen and I'm just sat there with my legs in the ground.

  • Coming to Wintersday on the 1st day and seeing that 95% of my achievements have already been done years ago. Cant we (who been playing for more then 1 year) get a reset on all those achievements? I am not very excited to participate this year. Sad

  • Opopanax.1803Opopanax.1803 Member ✭✭✭✭

    My biggest on is that I want to play a warrior with a sword and shield to take a lot of damage but without protection, I can tank no where close to a guardian or mesmer. I want to tank on my warrior, dang it! Why cant warrior fulfill this theme?

  • Them forcing Winters Day events on us

  • Warlord.9082Warlord.9082 Member ✭✭✭

    That there are a billion glyphs available but you can only use one. Make a toolset that allows for all of them to be used already!!!

  • Kas.3509Kas.3509 Member ✭✭✭
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    1. Elists who want to teach you how you should play when you're not asking for advice and can complete any content anyway -> just not in the fastest possible way.
    2. Having to buy new stuff each balance patch
    3. Unability to turn off my own aura (Aurora)
    4. Lack of official build templates
    5. Unability to color a backpack
    6. Being hit by CC chain -> 1 is enough of punishment
    7. Every PvP match just bcs I hate PvP :expressionless:
  • I know it's only petty, but my main grievance is on the salvage kits. When you right click there are 3 options:
    Salvage all Fine and lower.
    Salvage all Masterwork and lower.
    Salvage all Rare.
    Why for the love of god is it not Salvage all Rare and lower?

  • I unlocked Dreamthistle Axe Skin using Guaranteed Weapon Unlock.
    Now this is the most expensive skin in my collection. And I'm not going to use it because I don't like it.
    And I can't sell it, it's not an item, just unlock. I'd be happy if I could sell it even for 20g.

  • @Stu Grockalot.2937 said:
    I know it's only petty, but my main grievance is on the salvage kits. When you right click there are 3 options:
    Salvage all Fine and lower.
    Salvage all Masterwork and lower.
    Salvage all Rare.
    Why for the love of god is it not Salvage all Rare and lower?

    Makes perfect sense to me. Most people I know salvage Masterwork and lower with one salvage kit (Basic or Copper-Fed) and Rares with a better salvage kit (Mystic i.e. Master's). I wouldn't waste my Mystic Salvage kit on Masterwork and Fine gear.