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Trip Down Memory Lane - 'Cutthroat Politics' Banner - Photo-Manipulation

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edited November 8, 2018 in Community Creations

Since the day I actually looked into the wiki for informations on Living World Season 1. I fell in love with this piece of Art! <3


The Details and everything, although I really wanted to see a complete version for each candidate!

So I made it happen.

Captain Evon Gnashblade's Banner - Edited

Captain Ellen Kiel's Banner - Edited

These are purely Photo-Manipulations I have made. The original artwork is the work of ANet.

Cutthroat Politics was old content back in July 2013, which is no longer playable. (Without saying that I'm a bit sad... but oh well).

Hope you enjoy!

If an ANet devs would like to comment on who actually created the original Art, I would like to credit that person! :)

The Charr Cosplay Fashionista Warrior! (Also a Bard!)

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