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    @Snellibee.2761 said:

    @rng.1024 said:
    How about a trait that removes 1 condition when you swap attunements? Internal cd per attunement ofc, so 10/8,5 sec after you attuned to it before it can remove another.

    Naturally this would require a remake of Cleansing Wave trait (240 radius 5 target AoE resistance for 1 sec?), and would offer plentiful condiremoval for more squishy builds, especially if put in arcane.

    Tempest with it's inherent condi removal tools would autobalance since attunements get locked for 20 sec on overload, and weaver the same as it would only proc on main hand swap - giving you the opportunity for a mass 4 condiclear burst with unravel.

    This coupled with the new and increased sigil of cleansing, would provide a solid amount of cleanse to core ele and about the same (if Cleansing Wave nerfed) to weaver, even bringing tempest some added self clear to better support it's allies.

    Allowing burstier builds to not have to spec into water atleast. If anything, tuning the swift-regen-cleanse availability of weaver in order to balance this would actually benefit all ele specs.

    This would be worse for weavers than it is now lmao, sure make the only somewhat viable spec for ele worse to make the other specs go from ultra kitten to kitten that would make it all balanced
    PS: The reason why cleansing one condi per attunement change is bad is because condi mirages or scourges put out several condi on you, where like 2 are doing all the damage, but with one condi clear every attunement on weaver wich is with a 3.2 sec cooldown, by the time you managed to cleanse all the condi you're either already dead, or a new batch of 18 stacks are on you.

    Also you talk about unravel but nobody with a clear mind picks unravel over any of the other NEEDED utilities to be able to survive "Twist of fate" "Teleport"

    How would this be worse? If anything this would allow you to quickly clear the mesmers cover condis and cleanse the 2 important one.

    I know nobody picks Unravel - which is why I think changes to core that synergizes with e-specs are the way to go for better build variety.

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