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A Beginner to Raids and Fractals seeking aid!

Hey there,
So, as stated above, I'm fairly new to FoTM and Raids (currently playing Druid and Power Bannerslave Warrior with as close as I could get money-wise to the Metabattle builds).
I played a bit on both but I found that I don't enjoy them as much (mostly the Warrior which I used a boost on).
I was thinking of leveling another profession, but just can't settle on one. My choices so far were:
Chronomancer - I just like the theme of Mesmers, but I noticed that gearing one (at least support utility Chrono) is pretty darn expensive!
Herald - I loved this one in PvP, but people keep saying that it's pretty terrible right now in PvE.

I only have HoT (probably not getting PoF soon), and am undecided between Chrono and Herald. I like both, but I'd like to hear everyone's opinion and suggestions to what professions are fun to you.


  • Sephylon.4938Sephylon.4938 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Wait untl the rune and sigil reworks hit, its going to shake things up a bit especially in the support side of things

    I am a giant tomato filled with love. I have come to sell you a house made out of pancakes.

  • Draco.9480Draco.9480 Member ✭✭✭

    first look what class you like and see if it has any builds that is at least good to fracs and raids. in raids you have to switch way more cuz boss mechanics.

  • Noha.3749Noha.3749 Member ✭✭✭

    Revenant is rather great in PvE.
    For fractals and powerbuilds in general it does "ok", it manages to carry PuGs a bit with its boons from time to time.
    But condirevenant is considered meta in raids, and does good in fractal.

    Revenant is the highest damage condibuild vs bosses out there (atleast vs BIG targets).
    Its close to Weaver when it comes to damage against big targets, the downside is conditions often gets "removed" during boss phases (the part where a boss usually does some weird fluff so you cant damage it for a time).

    When it comes to dps:
    1. Weaver
    2. Deadeye / Renegade
    3. Deadeye / Renegade

    Chronos are great fun at start with all their utilities, but can end up feeling kinda lame due to not having the same damage output as other builds vs durable targets(only really noticed if you use a dpsmeter though), they might also shift out of meta a bit with the change to runes/sigils.

    For DPS and avrage support = Revenant
    For Great support (this far) and avrage dps = Mesmer

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