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Just a minor lore-related question.
About Soren Draa and Rata Sum.
Rata Sum is build as an earial city, and as of such, i want to ask this:

Did asura gather in the province of Soren Draa (it may or may not have been named as such until their arrival), and build the city of Rata Sum on Soren Draa.
Did the asura allocate land ‘next to Soren Draa’ unnamed soil, and build RS next to Soren Draa.

In short, what i’m asking is, if you are in Rata Sum, or underneath it, are you in Soren Draa, still, too?
(And i’m not talking about the technical limitation of the game displaying the city’s name)

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    For all I know about Soren Draa, it can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.

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    My understanding is that Soren Draa is a town, not a province- it's inside of Metrica Province, after all- so Rata Sum wouldn't be part of it, no.

    Whether Rata Sum is part of Metrica Province might be up for debate- the settlement predates the province (and Soren Draa, for that matter- Rata Sum was the first named settlement the asura built on the surface, although it wasn't originally a floating city-cube), but that doesn't mean it couldn't have been incorporated later. Functionally, though, whenever an asura mentions Metrica, they're probably specifically referring to the asura heartlands outside of Rata Sum.

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  • Musaroxy.2874Musaroxy.2874 Member ✭✭✭

    In GW1 the Asura had spread out through much of the coastal areas that we now know as Metrica Province and that one fuzzy area of the map below Metrica Province. It's quite clear that the Cataclysm of Orr did not only affect areas North of it, but areas West of it as well, as the Tarnished Coast has far less landmass than it did in GW1, the only place they truly gathered together was in the city Rata Sum. Rata Sum in GW1 seemed more to be the ruins of some other civilization that the Asura took up residence in until they could build their own city. Where this Rata Sum was located was roughly just north of the Polymock Arenas in GW2. It is less likely they gathered in Soren Draa, as that did not exist in GW1, and given the Asura, Soren Draa was likely built after they had most of their floating city finished. If the Asura had decided to move out and build other structures beforehand though, it is still most likely they used Rata Sum for their gathering place, since it was important enough that they kept the name they gave it to name their entire city they built.

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  • Rata Sum and Soren Draa are considered two separate, but adjacent, towns. Rata Sum was, in GW1, not a floating city but actually roughly where Soren Draa is now (one can argue that Rata Sum of GW1 became Soren Draa after they created the initial cube), though they don't quite line up perfectly.

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    I consider it an outlying town.
    In real life these towns grow around a central city, historically to provide resources to the larger city, while capital came from the larger city.
    Similar to how many suburbs originated as nominally independent towns, or municipalities. Croydon, for instance became incorporated into (greater) London in 1965. The ancient city of Rome grew to contain many more than 7 hills and Dortmund absorbed the surrounding countryside.
    Now Asuran urbanism is a bit less straightforward than that, considering Rata Sum is floating and reached via portal, but if the civilizations of Tyria make it through the dragon crysis without major damage, I wouldn't be surprised if Smokestead and Nolan become suburbs of the Black Citadel, while the town of Shaemoor may be incorporated into Divinity's Reach and Lion's Arch might one day grow to absorb Applenook.
    This may require Tyria to reach the equivalent of an indusrial age first, but looking at the Black Citadel, this might just be a question of time.

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