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[EU] Small Friendly Guild Looking for Like-minded Middle Aged Real Lifers for Casual Raiding

Guild Name: Disaster Area [DA]
Gameplay: Looking for 2-3 raiders, but we do high-level fractals, bounties and other shenanigans
Server: EU
Language: English
Most Active: Evenings between 7-10pm (GMT) Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
Contact Info: andi.8731, grevinnatosseri.2053 (send in game message or whisper)

DA is a small but active guild filled predominantly with wizened ‘older’ gamers (30+), some are Ancient ;), mostly from the UK.

We do group content including Raiding, Fractals, some PvP and WvW, Achievement Hunting and … FashionWars!

We may be a bit ridiculous sometimes but we don’t bite (well most of us don’t anyway ;) )

About Raids:
We are casual, not hard-core, and we do these in our own time, learning the fight mechanics as we go.

If we wipe we refine our tactics, brush off, and keep trying.

We are flexible on roles and classes but still expect people to bring effective raid builds.

We have cleared some of the wings in the past but, due to RL commitments, some of our members have left or been unable to attend consistently; we wish to "up our game" and "fill our team" and get back into it properly.

What We Offer:
* Relaxed atmosphere (no "salt", no yelling when someone makes a mistake)
* Help with stuff you want to do
* Raiding on Sunday 8pm and Wednesday 7.30pm GMT – we would expect you to be available for both days and be online 15mins beforehand.
* Discord; we wish for you to join, we want to get to know you!

What We Are Looking For:
* 18+ of age
* 2-3 people to make up our core raid group.
* People willing/able to learn to play well as part of a team
* If you do not have any patience, have a lack of respect, or bring toxicity then this is not the guild for you.

If you are interested in joining or want more information please contact andi.8731 or grevinnatosseri.2053 (send in game message or whisper)


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