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New player: Looking for a melee/support profession for PvE

Hello everyone!

A friend of mine pushed me to play GW2 long ago, and taking profit of the 50% discount, I bought both expansions.

I'm looking for a prodession that kinda suits with how I like to play. The first thing I noticed, compared to WoW, which is the MMORPG I played most, is that the skills changes depending on the weapon, and that most of then, if not all of them, can suit both melee and ranged roles with ease, each one with its own characteristics.

I am a player who loves to play melee characters, and the ones who can be played as healers or support as well, and I was searching for a profession that could fit my playstyle a bit.

I would like to know how exactly work all the type of melee classes, and how they can be support, if they can (not a priority compared to the melee). I looked over an Elementalist and the Ranger, and I think I'll be more fond to the Ele, but I would lile to knwo some differences between all of them overall. For example, which ones deals burst damage or have a stable one, as well as if they are hard-hitters, faster ones with weak attacks each one, or just DoT based.

I don't mind if a profession is hard or not to use, since at the end is just experience to master it and, if you enjoy the playstyle, it's more easy to learn it.

Thank you for reading all this!


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    Chrono (mesmer) is the most needed support in pve because it offers a lot of group utility like CC and permanent boon coverage on nearly all boons in game. It's melee and also works as a tank on some raid bosses due to strong self sustain while still having the same support capabilities.

    Both ele and ranger have strong dps builds, but ranger is much better pve support due to amount of damage buffs it provides on top of unique utility such as aoe immobilize and group revive. Ele is mostly a heal bot when played as support. In case it specs for some more support, like might or even some dps, it gets heavily outscaled by other builds who just offer more (druid, fb, renegade for example).

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