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[NA] Raid guild looking for more :)

Hello fellow raiders. I'm looking for people who love raiding and want to raid and improve their game play all the time. I want to create a pool of people to draw from as I lead raids or run T4 fractals. We want experienced/semi-experienced people along who know what they are doing, put a big 'D' in DPS, and have a good time. I'm pushing for multi-wing clears every week, but we don't have enough people who can show up regularly due to real life stuff. Moreover, as we develop our talent pool I want to get good enough to compete in Mighty Teapot's "Amateur Raiding Part" next time he hosts it.

A couple of things:
1. You have to talk on discord. We want to have a social aspect in addition to getting clears
2. Respond to messages in game and on discord
3. Our active times are (11pm-3am CST) or (noon-3am CST on Thurs and Fri). Sometimes I stay up later, but it's difficult for anyone to miss a 15 hour window on two work days.
4. Be good or git gud. I like people who are good, but also like people who are decent but push their personal limits. None of us were good at the beginning, but if you aren't already the top at what you do, you (like me) will have to work our butts off to get better. No mediocrity allowed, strive for excellence.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to meeting some more try-hards in game and getting down to business.

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