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Glyph of Elemental rework

Zunki.3916Zunki.3916 Member ✭✭✭
edited November 21, 2018 in Elementalist

Please rework the elementals so that:

  • The cooldown of the glyph should start counting down the moment the cast is done, rather then when the elemental dies. Or at least decrease their cd and increase their duration .
  • Lesser fire elemental should do some burn too, maybe give the stone one some bleed, and so on.
  • The skills should be changed so: The damage spike skills of the elementals should be used on CD by the AI, the buff, cc and heal related stuff should be on activate.

What would be even cooler (but also way more intense) is if the elementals would not despawn after xx sec and just stay there. The glyph would start it's CD the moment the cast has finished. The elemental special skills are on a seperate place (maybe like hunter? I don't really know how it works there). Changing elementals works as soon as the glyph is off cd, casting a new elemental kills the old one.

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