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Spiritus Domum Recruiting (NA PvP guild)

New PvP Guild that has been created by myself with some friends with the desire to create a PvP guild that isn't toxic towards players. I personally wish for a place to pvp and have fun, the people i play with desire the same thing and people shouldn't be insulted or feel bad for asking questions if they don't know something. At the same time higher tiered players shouldn't be arrogant about the knowledge they possess.
What we do?
Unranked in groups of typically 3 people
Automated Tournaments
Ranked PvP duos
PvP Training for those that want to improve that are new to the game/ returning or just desire to get better.
Working on creating in-houses for plat + players to hone their skills / have an environment where they can have matches that are more fun instead of the ranked grind.
Working on creating guild in-house tournaments (2v2s or 5v5s depending on the interest and to open it up to the public once it has become a regular thing)

All skill levels are welcome (casual, silver,bronze, gold to high plat are welcome just be aware that its a PvP guild so that is what most of the talk will revolve around).
Aiming for 18+ players
We also have a guild discord which is aiming to be an area of knowledge for guild members about PvP builds/strategies and tips.

Sending an in-game mail to me or whispering is probably the best way to get an invite as I wont always check this post. If you have more questions feel free to ask and I will try to answer them the best that i can.


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