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Kicking ppl from servers



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    @Celsith.2753 said:

    @Jski.6180 said:

    Very much is as now your no longer "locked" into that groups server. You may hang for a time in that group server but your effectually kicked out as the next swap will see you as solo or in another group. As well as social nomrls kicking in if your ousted from a group often you will not be able to play with ppl with in that group with out the other living in fear of getting kicked as well. As the "server" is build arone that group there is a massive amount of control by that group.

    As there should be. Why would you want to play with people that have clearly indicated they don't want or like you? This sounds like the adult version of your parents demanding you play with obnoxious little johnny down the street.

    If you get kicked from a guild but are still friends with other people in the alliance, you could ask to join your friends guild or if your friends don't want you either, simply transfer - this option I believe they said would be available with some limitations.

    That never the best way to deal with problems ppl even the ones who are going out of there way to be harmfully. Better to use them as an example or they will just bug some one else or worst yet they will group up with other ppl to kill other groups 8 weeks. We are talking about removing ppl from your side of play or needed to deal with some one on your side for 8 weeks with out any real server environment that tends to keep ppl like this from getting too out of control.

    This is important for both the one player and groups having a server community keeping things in order. Soon there will be no server community and ppl will be left to there own wills both for the better and for the worst.

    And ppl are mixing things up so badly your still going to have mega pve worlds to play with and deal with ppl this is only wvw whom getting this hard lock by the group of ppl you put your hat in once ever 8 weeks. You will both regret the chose of having and hate the lost over and over.

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    server communities died when players realized its just a coverage and numbers game. aka seasons. no worries though! you can still create a server alliance. the difference is, i just have to put up the incessant yapping for only 8 weeks and no gems required to be rid of the deadbeats on said server!

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  • @enkidu.5937 said:
    Let's take this scenario:

    Alliance A (fight- / meta-focused)
    B (fight- / meta-focused)

    C (casuals that want to catch some butterflies)
    D (casuals that want to catch some butterflies)

    E (night watchmen that play from 23pm to 7am)
    F (night watchmen that play from 23pm to 7am)

    G (roamers / small havoc groups)
    H (roamers / small havoc groups)

    (+ randoms that don't belong to an alliance)

    I don't expect Anet to link A+B, C+D, E+F, and G+H. Instead, I would expect: A+C+E+G, and B+D+F+H.

    Consequently, meta-players, casuals, roamers, randoms etc. will still have to arrange themselves. o_O

    It seems to me, Anet doesn't want WvW to be competitive. Instead of GvG, Anet made a big-scale mode for the broad masses (that also pay this game), and wants ballanced worlds, not skill-based matchmakings and rankings. Ballance by server linking doesn't work well, because the modules (=whole servers), that Anet wants to puzzle with, are just too clunky. Anet said, they want smaller modules, with more granulation, that are easier to handle. That's the goal.

    I don't think the goal is, that people with the same play style / goals / attitude can play together and exclude other ppl from their playground.

    PS: but I share your sceptics about people getting kicked from their community, because some leaders decided so

    Lets do A+B+E+F+G+H vs C+D

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    i still have to see one person (or make it 2) making all people from the server leave and making the server a ghost town and he (and the other) 2 vs mapqueue zerg fighting.

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