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Basenji skill bug.

The skill number 7 for the Basenji is named shake and it gets the dog to shake its body, however the thumbnail for the skill and the description for the skill is that the dog is to shake hands with the player.


  • Donari.5237Donari.5237 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I just found that out myself. Possibly it's on purpose, since sometimes the dog doesn't flawlessly execute the command but instead stares at you with a breaking heart over its head, so maybe it's not understanding the command and will get better at it once it learns the 8 skill?

    More likely though it's a confusion between the animators and the text writers. And the tool tip and icon will be the easier fix, drat it -- I would love my dog to hand me a paw. Could be they meant it to do that but it needed so much animation specially done for each race/gender to reach out to take the paw, which isn't an already coded animation, that they swapped to the other meaning of "shake" but forgot to change the in game info about it.

  • Have we got any update on this? I sent a support message after it was the same situation despite completing all of the skills, and I just received back a generic description of the dog and a wiki link...!

  • You can learn more about this in the latest Guild Chat on Twitch or YouTube.

    Good luck.

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