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(NA) Looking for more for a Friday Raid group 6pm PST 9pm EST

Hey all me and a few friends looking to build up a raid group The group runs Fridays for 2 hours. We have seven people consistent at the moment were doing wing 1 fc wing 4 cairn to sam want to more but spending a lot of time in lfg losses you so much time. It is a progression group so please be chill about it and be up for learning the bosses. Looking for people who are relaxed don't need drama Looking for a Druid or Chrono's i know its dream to find people who want to be in chrono or healer jail. Also looking for DpS than can go power or condi The more classes or roles you can play the better. The goal is to have a group of 10 people who can swap classes so we all don't get bored of our current classes week to week. Hope to hear from people :) Plz mail me in game if your interested

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  • This group is a lot of fun to play with! Just need a few more to add to our lovely team. :D

  • Pretty much a bump post still looking for power/condi dps and a druid for our group plz mail Phyllo Dough or the other account of interested in joining. More likely to notice if you send to this account thx for taking the the time to read this hope to hear from people :)