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Content packs/living world

I love the 3 monthly living world updates..

Would love to see them intensify this
With a new zone every 2 months..
And in the months between just story, and some other nice things, like fractals/raids/dungeons/pvpzones..

I guess most people are like me, allways ready to jump into more new content..


  • Danikat.8537Danikat.8537 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Back in 2013-14 they were doing updates every 2 weeks, but they almost never released new maps during that time and had to stop doing those updates in 2015 so they could work on Heart of Thorns. So from 2016/the start of Season 3 onwards they shifted to the current model - releases every 3 months with each one including a new map and there was no long break in content before/after Path of Fire.

    It's entirely possible they will change their minds again at some point, but we don't know what they'll start doing then. I'd say it's unlikely they'd do the same amount of stuff in each release but bring them out faster, because the only way to do that would be to hire a lot more people to work on it and that's a lot of cost for minimal benefit. But they might decide to mix it up a bit, with some releases coming out faster but not including a new map and others taking longer and having more in them.

    As for what most people like I suspect it varies a lot. For me the current schedule is a lot better than the previous ones, because I'm only able to play about 2 hours a day at most, and some days not at all. On top of that I play slowly - I like to take my time looking around, talk to all the NPCs, explore, do collections without guides etc. so I've always got far more content to finish than I'll have time for. When they were releasing stuff every 2 weeks I found it difficult to keep up.

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