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Home Instgance?

I've been looking through the store, and ran across these basic ore, leather, lumber ect. racks. I don't understand what they mean by "within your home instance". Are they saying to put it in my guild or is there a place I can buy a room or house to give me a home instance. Also, dose this coast anything? I know kind of a dumb question, but I just had to ask. I'd appreciate some feedback on this. PS you may find this post twice, I'm not sure the first one took, my apologies.


  • Thanks for the input Elspereth, I now know where my home instance is, but I still don't get it. Where would I put these basic racks? Any where I like, or some specific place that I would acquire inside the instance. If the later, what NPC would I deal with.

  • Once you purchase/earn them, they are placed by the game. You do not decide where they go. And at least one (maybe others I don't yet have) move around each day.

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    only the bandit chest move around

  • @Linken.6345 said:
    only the bandit chest move around

    Good to know. Thanks.

  • you guys are awesome!!! thanks

  • Some you can buy on the TP or lucky drops from black lion chests, some you can get for completing collections/story rewards (Aurillium node and lost bandit chest), and some come from in-game purchases (laurel vendors, HoT vendors, and Living World vendors). And you can take others into your home instance to harvest them - I take my alt account into my main's home instance to hit the ~30 nodes I have. And will frequently offer it in map chat when one of the regional harvest dailies is up.

  • All items that spawn in a home instance have their specific places in the home instance. For DR, they are usually at/near the center. You don't physically place these things -- they automatically have their set place and any items you use that are added to the home instance shows up the next time you visit. Nothing needed to be done in your part except to visit the home instance and harvest!

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    If you want to see how it works, I'd recommend joining someone who's offering home instance looting - you'll see them around the home instance entrance at each city. Basically these are people who've got many/all of the available nodes and are generously offering to let you loot them for free. It's a great offer and it lets you see what a completed home instance looks like.

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