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Character stuck!

My character Johny Bulletproof stuck in Sirens Landing . Can log in other characters but this one gets dc on loading screen. Pls help me !

Network error. The inability to connect to Guild Wars 2 may be caused by Internet routing issues or a server network failure.

If the problem persists, please visit our support website. (Code=5:11:3:159:101)


  • OK it bugged out!

  • They had a big issue with loading into characters for about a week. I believe it is fixed now. For me it happened on my ranger and Ele and had to wait a couple of days. They did fix it and I don't know if it is still happening for you. I would suggest opening a ticket if it is still not working as it suggests a personal problem with your character that is not in the broad range of issues affecting the player base as of now. Hopefully this helps! You can also look at build notes to see what they are fixing or what they are having issues with if you are curious of past issues. :+1:

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    Started to happen with me, yesterday.
    My ranger is stuck in Malchor's Leap loading screen.
    I can log into my other characters without problems (yet?).


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  • For some players, the Dev-suggested work-around: (command line argument) -prefreset has been helpful.
    You can find the instructions in the Wiki in the 'Command Line Arguments' article (link above).

    Good luck.

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