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[Suggestion] New Fractal Suggestions

Oh Guild Wars 2, there so many things people want out of the game. Perhaps it could be made into a fractal. Fractals have done good at telling a story about tyria's history thru the eyes of another and I enjoyed it very much. So how a bout we get to PLAY AS A MURSAAT during the war against the Seer or maybe PLAY AS A TENGU during the great migration to the Dominion of Winds. We could even take a trip to the Wizard's Tower in a chronomancer/time travel adventure to see just what was up with Galrath & Verata. I know some of these should probably be raids or living world stuff but why not BOTH? It's doable.

So what are your ideas for the next fractal?


  • I would like to have a Mursaat Fractal, too. And what about a Fractal about the Gods when they imprisoned Balthazar and left Tyria? That would be nice

  • It's an interesting idea to offer a way to play as a different race that doesn't require making a new playable race.

    I think, though, while it's a really fun novelty, the charm wears off quickly. Coming from GW1, it was disturbing (in a good way) to have to play the flame legion destroying a human town. It really drove home some of the lore and some of anomalies the in-game fractal krewe studies. But, after playing it a few times, that's forgotten. And now we're stuck with five people whose character & fashion choices have been relegated into a tiny few: male|female, heavy|medium|light. I'd just as soon never be forced to play as a single race or a single profession again.

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    I would really like to see the Fall of Abaddon fractal which was part of the vote during LS1 in 2013. But I don't think it will happen sadly.

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