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A cool sound demands a new critter?

I've watched Guild Chat, and a segment at a show where the sound team showed some of their 'toys' and crazy ways of making sounds. In your experiments with new sounds, were there times when you found such a cool new type of sound that you just really wanted something developed to make use of it? Are there times when the sound development actually drives the content/creature/story development? It has to be exciting to find a new sound only to have no place to put it.
By the way, i was just playing thru Daybreak where the PC was being taken as a prisoner to Amala. I noticed as my character was walking that you could hear the shackles actually clanking along with you. (just in the background enough that you could hear it) It was such a tiny sound that really enhanced immersion. so lovely! Thank you all for those little moments!

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  • Hi there Ra Ra, Great question...
    I am new to the team, so I may be wrong, but to the best of my knowledge, there has not been a character, prop, effect or environment that was created to work with a sound that was already created. I love the idea that audio content might influence art or design. In my brief time here, there have been moments where a sound that we recorded was so cool that we had to find a place in game for it. I can't give specific examples just yet, but that definitely has happened.

    And thank you for the kind words. It's great to hear that our attention to detail is paying off bygiving players like yourself an immersive experience.

    Jason Wolford
    Lead Sound Designer