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Question regarding instrument used in "Buried Treasure" tune.

During Festival of the Four Winds there was a tune, later updated on Anet Soundcloud under the name of "Buried Festivals", which I absolutely love as an amaturistic Irish trad player. Is it correct I hear two tin whistles in this tune? And in which key are these?



  • It's actually just one whistle playing the melody in the low and high octaves, and it's in C. The player we recorded, Kristin Naigus, also did a version with a whistle in F, but it didn't quite have the nimble character I wanted for the tune. She also played the bassoon part on the track. She's very talented! Thanks for listening and giving this track some love. It was fun to do but kind of flew under the radar.

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    Oh I like that one, too! (Official recording found here.)

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