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What is your most favorite soundtrack/tune/song in the game?

This one is for the whole team (not necessarily Audio Team only) , which is your favorite and why? It doesn't have to be one you worked on yourself.



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    I'm not on the Audio Team, but I'm a major, major fan of their work. And Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 music is the best!!

    I have more favorites than I can name, but some a few of the many that come to mind:

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    Rata Novus - poss the best they've done considering how well it fits and instantly recognisable it is
    Auric Wilds - a very cool, unique piece
    The Olmakhan - perfectly captured the feel and spirit of the Charr tribe and their way of life
    Sands of Chaos - has a real flavour of Hollywood desert epics
    Battle on the Breachmaker - by far the best boss battle accompaniment in the game

    honorary mentions
    Welcome to the desert - perfectly captures that Lawrence of Arabia feel
    The Nightfall music from Istan when it kicks in. Oh that was sooo cool

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  • My favorites are probably Rata Novus, Faren's Flier, The Golden Cave, The Olmakhan, Labyrinthine Cliffs, and Taimi's Game. There are others I like, but it fluctuates and I've written so much I forget about a lot of things.

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    The Sanctum Sprint race music is wonderful too. Just gets me pepped up to crystal dash though sunlit heights.

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    Rata Novus is so beautiful it reminds me strangely, Pr.Layton and the Azran Legacy, Azran... Asuras.. very close hmmmm

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    Just because this is one of those threads...

    Far from Home, Crystal Oasis redux - both from HoT or just prior. I should stop and listen to the music more often lately, because I think I liked The Olmakhan but I can't actually remember it. :/

    From Jeremy Soule's old work, I'm happy to hear Garden of Seborhin and The Forgotten God make it back to Elona. At least, I think I've heard The Forgotten God... if not, then I should. ;)

    Two that I'd like to hear make a comeback are Borlis Pass from the GW1 Battle Pack 1 soundtracks, and Wilderness of Bahdza from the Nightfall collectors' edition. The latter, bordering on ambient music, was a great fit for Vabbi.

  • I've had an almost unhealthy obsession with Nightfall music since launch.

    Especially Festival of Lyss. Best track in the entire series. Mysterious, soothing, uplifting, powerful.

    Nightfall's combat music is also so darn catchy I'm a bit sad it wasn't just recycled into Path of Fire, at least for Istan or Kourna. I'm not for recycling anything with sequels, but sometimes things just work.