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patch just broke game

i was just forced to update and now every time i try to log in the game crashes with something about too many meshes being the erro - bad patch, please fix!


  • also, trying to run the repair just gets 1/2 through and crashes. help?

  • No problems with the patch here; are you using any 3rd-party programs (ArcDPS, etc.)?
    If so, try disabling them.

    Good luck.

  • I was able to fix it by clearing all the cache/temp files and running repair until it hungup half way through - error said it was loading too many meshes or something odd like that, but its good now. ty

  • Opened GW2 tonight and the patcher started, then randomly crashed out and I'm getting a basic windows error every time I attempt to open it. Not sure what happened as the game's been working fine the past few weeks.

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