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Cool, but removed sound effects

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Something, that always anger me, is the removal of (sometimes recently introduced) sound effects, which get replaced with already existing, mostly dull sound effects.
For example the impact sound of Spatial Surge and Confusing Images, which can now only be heard on Mind Wrack. The same goes for Necrotic Grasp, which got removed for a long time, but luckily returned.
And my question is:

Why? Was the sound effect too loud? Why not just reduce its volume and do not remove it completely instead?

I am in constant fear, that other cool sound effects may be removed, too, since they are too “prominent” (like Druids’ Celestial Avatar’s skills, which are my favourites).

I am also still mourning for the removed unique sound effect of the Reef Drakes’ Sonic Shriek/Barrier, which was kind of cool and I never heard it somewhere else in GW2 again.

Is there any chance of reintroducing this sound effect into the game? Maybe even for Rangers’ pet Reef Drakes?

timestamps: 01:43, 01:48, 02:01 & 02:04



  • Thanks for the questions and comments. We'll need to do some investigation on the specific sounds you mentioned. A sound effect can be replaced for any number of reasons. Many times a sound effect is awesome in isolation or when played infrequently during gameplay. It might be revealed later that a sound does not work so well when played repeatedly, or with multiple instances happening at once, or if the sound contains a tonal element that might clash with music. It's also possible the sound was not conveying the feeling that was intended for the on screen event it was associated with. Of course in rare cases there are bugs and a sound gets replaced accidentally. We appreciate your attention to detail and will try to get answers for you as to why these sounds were replaced.

    Jason Wolford
    Lead Sound Designer