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Raid Audios/Sounds and Transperency

First of all, I <3 all the Raid Audios and Boss sounds!!
When u walk over the Coins in Wing 6 ... thats not just a Sound. Its TRUE ART. I love all the little Details and im curious how all these Raidboss Sounds/Audios get developed.

So my queston would be, would it be possible to get more transperency through the Raid Audio developing? Or would that be too much effort aka would take too much time? (That you maybe dont have?)
I can remember that back in 2016 you guys did make a Video about the Keep Construct Audio Design.
That was cool! Like .. really cool!!
And since a new Raid Wing only comes out ~10 Months I would love to see (hear!) a bit of backstory about it, how you guys developed the Audio/Sound and your general thoughts.
That would be soo nice.



  • Thank you so much for the compliments! Raids are done by Keenan if I'm not mistaken- he does a great job! I can't speak to future plans for fan engagement myself, but I love getting to chat with y'all about what we do and really appreciate hearing from everyone!
    The coin stuff was super fun- we had to record a new set of footsteps since we hadn't had coins as a terrain type before! It involved getting a whooole bunch of coins, putting them in a pile, and stepping on them with various shoes (as well as jumping/landing, scuffing, etc). Every few minutes the coins had to be re-gathered together since they tended to go all over the place, which was a bit of a challenge- our fearless leader Drew figured out that you could gather them more easily using a sheet of paper that would slide under the coins. It was definitely a tiring session!