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AutoHotkey to use wheel mouse for somethign else than zoom in?

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I get some problem with how targetting work ( i tested action cam too ). I don't like using tab and i prefer to use my right hand ( mouse hand ) to change targeting while my left hand is pressing spells.

And because im already using buton 3/4/5 of my mouse ( also shift + b3/b4/b5 and alt + b3/b4/b5 ) it will be gread to change target with the wheel and having shift + wheel to zoom in and out. Im pretty sure it's possible to make it happen with autohotkey but i don't know how to use it :(

Like for exemple i bind " next target " to T and then i use autohotkey to make the game think wheel up = T ... so when i use wheel up it will press T and execute "next target ". I guess it's possible but do you guys know the command i must type in autohotkey ?


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