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EU - Tyria Welcome Service

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Great news for all Newcomers and Vets! Tyria Welcome Service [HUB] is at your disposal to use as a GW2 learning and gathering place, for a chance to teach and a chance to learn more about Guild Wars 2 . NO REP required, everyone's welcome, willing to help or be helped in the game.

Method - Different Guild Wars 2 Topics will periodically be proposed here, with the help of our beloved of course ^^ Everyone will have the chance to both ask and add something to the topic discussion, so that all of Guild Wars 2 Players (both Veterans and Newcomers) will share as much experience as possibile, with tips, suggestions, etc...

Game Content - [HUB] will have a weekly activity schedule rotation, with different content to play in Guild Wars 2, dynamically adding variety to our Training experience.

Activity Notifications - I'll post a reminder for each of the Community Events that will be planned, both here in the Official Forums Thread and Twitter with the tags: #GuildWars2 / #WelcomeToGW2 / #GuildWars2HUB .

How to join - You can contact me anytime through the following channels ---> Twitter: @birdackgaming // In game: birdack.6714 // Discord: [EQ] Virgil#9464 // email: [email protected]

Future - Discord and Guilded will be added to our Training Tools Arsenal ^^ , for a better and faster interaction between ourselves and our GW2 Community Events

Hope the Project will be useful and fun!

I'll see you in Tyria,

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