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EU - Tyria Welcome Service

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Great news for all Newcomers and Vets! Tyria Welcome Service [HUB] is at your disposal to use as a GW2 learning and gathering place, for a chance to teach and a chance to learn more about Guild Wars 2 . NO REP required, everyone's welcome, willing to help or be helped in the game.

"Everyone have equal access to any tool we're provided by the game, in order to progress in our goals and have fun with all the best this game has to offer"

Welcome in the HUB !

The Guild Tyria Welcome Service [HUB] has no particular pre-requisite to enter:

  • Respect your Guildies and any GW2 player alike.

  • Represent NOT REQUESTED.

Our weekly schedule will be planned as long we'll receive any request from our guildies, about game content and personal goals, always with Equity ^^

Main Content : PvE

Game Contents

  • Various activities in the lates maps introduced with every Guild Wars 2 game update / Patch (Tasks, Dailies, Dynamic Events, etc...)

  • Living Story Episodes

Activity Notifications: GW2 Official Forums, Twitter

How to Join us: you can contact me through Twitter @birdackgaming or GW2 Official Forums thread

Birdak.6714 (Virgil)


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