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Do you play a "hipster build"? If so, what?

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What I mean by hipster is something that is basically unused anymore/never touched. Cool builds, fun builds, interesting builds, stuff you see 1-in-20ish games.

Preferably it's something viable, as in, it has a positive effect on the outcome of Conquest.

I'm sure there are many out there who like to explore different builds like myself, as they feel like a change of pace compared to spamming the same meta build over and over.

I'll start then:

Here is an Elementalist build I'll call Power Burst Tempest.

Note: You can swap the heal with Ether renewal for condi cleanse, and you can swap Arcane Wave for Feel The Burn

You can also swap the ferocity trait in Air specialization for the fury+swiftness especially if taking Feel the Burn

Finally you can take Marauder's amulet and keep the Ferocity trait in air specialization, but swap arcane wave for signet of fire for more crits.

You'll die a lot but at least you make others die a lot.

Paladin Bruiser Mirage -

Tanky, hits hard, can port. As for Elusive Mind it's a matter of taste. I know, 6 sec of exhaustion is horrible. If running EM you could try swapping portal or blink with Illusionary Ambush to help during exhaustion. Exhaustion isn't too bad if you utilize your weapon skills well.


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