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What year did the Khan-Ur die?

I'm working on my next GW2 movie project. You could call it the successor to Season 1 Movie but I need accurate information regarding the date for when the Khan-Ur died. I tried looking it up but struggling and I'm editing the project so any help I get from the community would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    We don't have an exact date but it was "around" 100 BE, as it was during that initial conflict between humans and charr; the resulting confusion and chaos of the Khan-Ur's death is what allowed humanity to push the charr back up north. Whether it was before or after the establishment of Ascalon is unclear though.

    It isn't even fully clear if there was only one Khan-Ur or multiple. The Ecology of the Charr and The Legions of the Charr mentions "the last Khan-Ur" when talking about the one who died during the initial conflict with humans implying at least two Khan-Urs, but afaik all source in-game never make such an implication. But at the same time, there's not many in-game sources talking about the lore of the Khan-Ur(s?).

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    If you like to play cluedo, the death of the Khan-Ur doesn't seem to have established circumstances of the crime either.

    By that I mean the charr are proponents of the view that humans assassinated him. There is a motive, namely to disrupt the enemy chain of command, but we have no knowledge of how, when, and where exactly this happened.
    According to the Ecology of the Charr, we know that the Khan-Ur was in the preparation of a counterattack to drive the humans back out, using all the combined might of the charr, when suddenly, he was assassinated. If the human charr conflict had already begun by that time, this is the most likely way things went down.

    Then there is the theory that Balthazar, Abaddon, or another human god was involved. This is a big maybe, since they were still around at 100 BE, but we have no evidence to substantiate or dismiss those claims either. The motive persists, considering Balthazar's attitude towards non human sentients.
    But giving humans stronger magical abilities that all the other races of Tyria may have been sufficient.

    And finally, the suspicion that another charr may have killed the Khan-Ur. Well, in order to become Khan-Ur in the first place, the original Khan-Ur has surely made a lot of enemies, but if any of these enemies wanted the title, they would have had to challenge him to a formal duel. And by that point he was established as the biggest charr of his time.

    It would be interesting to see the events in a fractal, to get a glimpse on the charr, who united his entire race and hopefully learn more about the circumstances of his death.

    Edit: Swapped AE and BE.

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