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Anet, can you isolate Kaineng?

Really, most of Kaineng (aka Blackgate migrants) is on a whole different level than all of the servers combined. Can you just go ahead and separate everyone else from them? Being up against them really makes WvW unfun now.


  • Ya this will get closed shortly I imagine. They're actually quite bad when it comes to even or semi-even numbers. That's why they're losing the match-up despite generally having superior numbers throughout most time slots. Case and point, earlier, their 40+ couldn't beat a group of 15. But this is what happens when groups persistently blob, they seem to lose their ability to fight.

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    Most likely they won't get a link next re links but who knows at this point. Most servers struggle with no link but Kaineng might survive 1 re link without one since they've bandwagoned a lot of players over a large amount of time. i've been a part of many servers that get unlinked and the population takes a huge hit since you're not getting that 500 gem carry. Most links carry the PPT since big guilds don't wanna do that

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    Sorry. ODA is from TC. We role-played as “BG IMMIGRANTS” skills too strong. I’m sorry.

  • Had a funny experience with these guys, they're like the warrior bugs from the Starship Troopers franchise. Lol

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  • We are closing this thread as match up threads are not allowed.

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