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The Static eu Training Raid group Recruiting now

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Recruiting for a Newly Formed Casual Static to go through all the current Raid Wings from the start, end goal is to enjoy the content and clear it at a Steady pace that works for all the members, a casual static with Two Main Raid days.
We are looking for Friendly, respectful and Reliable people, no unnecessary tension or issues in-between members, criticism being constructive and the primary goal is to enjoy the time in the content and be able to consistently clear it, Raid Days have been established as Friday and Saturday (Starting 7:00 PM GMT+0).
We currently have 3 Slots open with the Roles not yet Filled (2 dps and Chrono support) we are taking all players in different roles as well

A few Requirements:

  • To be able to Speak or understand English and be able to respond to it.
  • To be On Voice Comms with the rest of the static, while not needed to speak but to listen to information and strategies and be able to give some form of Call outs to the rest of the group
  • To have a full Understanding of your played class whatever it may be.
    -To be willing to learn and test Strats with the group as this is a static that will be learning from the start of each fight, as such have a team development mindset.
    -To attend raid nights on time unless there is a viable excuse or if need be give prior notice that you will not be able to join a specific raid night.
    -To be Able to give some feedback on class necessities and over all possible roles (relating to your played class).
    To Apply please Message any of these names on discord and we can have a chat.
    Discord Tag: Shade#2311
    Discord Tag: Gandolin#8880
    Thank you.
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