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Another side of choosing classes: playstyles to avoid. Help please....

Hi all,

I have an Elementalist and Guardian at 80 and I’m looking for a third class to take to max level. After playing several at low level, and reading numerous guides, I’ve come to the consideration that what I need to do is focus on what I don’t like and want to avoid, rather than the professions strengths.

For example, I love the Elementalist, but Elementalist should most definitely be avoided by players who like the flexibility of weapon switching, especially switching between melee and ranged during combat, as Elementalist can’t do that.

As another example, I tried thief and found that I really don’t enjoy the rear positioning element of many thief skills. And, while I like stealth in some games, I don’t like stealth in gw2. Therefore, thief play style isn’t for me.

I’d live to hear from some other people, or maybe see some links if any exist, regarding unique play style elements of other professions that would break or make enjoyment of a class.

Any thoughts welcome!



  • ZeftheWicked.3076ZeftheWicked.3076 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Necro - defenses are all about facetanking damage. You don't get to avoid damage, you gotta outheal it.
    Condi application is slooow. Tons of jobs can burst condies, not necro, he really has to stack them up over time.
    Forget boonshare - that's just about everyone's job but yours. Necro is about condies not boons.
    In competitive most reliant of all professions on having a support. No other profession needs a firebrand or healer ele strapped to their kitten to be successful.

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    Maybe what would be best is if you say what you are looking for in a class and we can tell you what classes have those things. It's also not clear what game mode you want to focus on (PVE, WvW or PVP?)

    For example, you want lots of weapons options? You're looking for classes that have meaningful weapons to swap between. That's NOT Necro or Revenant.
    Range vs. melee is a consideration.
    How 'busy' you want to play is a consideration.
    How 'self-reliant' you want to be is a consideration.

    We need to know more about you or maybe what classes you liked playing from other games and we can say what class is similar to that in GW2.

    If you think balancing is only driven by performance and justified by comparisons to other classes then prepare to be educated:

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    Necro (reaper + scourge) and Engineer (Holosmith) are very fun at first. Very fancy animations.

    You commonly use axe+focus(orwarhorn) on power necro which is ranged, staff or greatsword for your second set where greatsword (reapers only) is melee, and staff is kinda a ranged utility weapon. Reaper shroud is 100% powerhouse melee. Scourge is Melee AND ranged if u want, your "unique profession" mechanic pulses damage from you and where you cast your "sand shroud thingy" when you cast your "shroud" abilities. A good mixture between range and power.

    Engineers (holosmiths) commonly uses rifle or pistol+shield with their powerbuilds which is kinda "midrange" weapons, and holo is a mix of wide AoE abilities, some gunplay and super-sayan powerhouse punches.

    Rangers are also great at both ranged and melee, power and conditiondamage aaaaaaand as supports. You got longest range in game with longbow and you still pack a punch in melee with multiple weaponsets. however i find them too generic to like and play.

  • You can alway run multiple conjured weapons.. they last for 30 sec with 60 sec CD, so running with three different would make it 100% uptime, unless the timer start while using it, then you only need two.

    Thieves can be great especially DD and DE.
    It is hard to say so I would suggest you jumped into Spvp lobby and tested them all out. All the spec and weapons to see what suited you.
    And maybe even a unranked battle or two, just to get the feel.
    Then you can better decide :)

    Atm I change between Guardian, elementalist, thief (oldest character), warrior and necromancer...

    I will try to give Elementalist another go though, since they got so much potential with a few tweaks.

  • I found mesmer a very unique profession to play. You've got to manage your clones, balancing the utility of them being around and tanking for you (they can take a beating) and blowing them all up for damage and control effects.

    Chronomancer still had very solid support and damage options, even with the overpowered parts taken off, and mirage is a whirlwind of chaos with very strong condition damage and high mobility.

    Also, when you ambush attack with a greatsword and three clones you get a disco light show.