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A GW2 Birthday Mug

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The parents of a friend of ours asked us if we could create a mug for their daughter's birthday showing some of her GW2 characters. We grabbed some screenshots she had posted of her characters, did a bit of Photoshop jiggery pokery and printed this mug for her:

The middle couple are her and her husbands characters & I gave the left character a GW1 style boss outline as they are both avid GW1 fans B)

She loved it :)


  • Just wanted to add a note, this is my first post here and I had a terrible time getting the images to appear so here is what I have learned for anyone else having problems posting images:

    • Firstly and most importantly there are a limited number of sites that these forums will display images from (for security reasons I assume). According to the FAQ - "You may embed an image from Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, or Imgur by using the Image Url option in the editing bar above the text frame." So lesson 1 is read the FAQ.
    • Secondly read this detailed guide on posting images which recommends using Imgur.
    • I don't have an Imgur account so I posted my images to my Tumblr account and followed the instructions above.
    • Still no luck but I eventually noticed that the Tumblr image link started with a "66." which implies a specific image server at Tumble so I removed the "66." from the URL's and the images appeared, yay :)

    Hopefully I'll get around to posting more GW2 art here soon <3

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