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Help me to buy expansions please.

Hello guys Turkish Lira is too Weak against USD and EURO.So expansions are really really expensive for a ''student'' in ''Turkey''.Maybe you can write your idea about that and help me to get a discount from dev team?I really love this game so much and i'm pretty noob player at game and bad player.But i am really happy when i am playing this game!

Thank you so much... i am grateful to you!


  • Linken.6345Linken.6345 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2, 2018

    Well you can still get 50% of both expansions with the blackfriday deal that end the 5 of december.

    promo code is BlackFriday50
    Only work on standard and deluxe tho

  • You can check GW2 official retailers as well to check if they got their own promo.

    Recently looked up DLGamer's website, they have discount of up to 50% for Path of Fire.

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