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[EU][PVE] Cheesecloth Crusaders [CC] Casual Guild Open to All

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Cheesecloth Crusaders [CC] is an EU guild looking for recruits.

We are a casual and laid back guild, open to all players veterans and newbies alike, and will provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for everyone, we're really not picky.
We're a PvE focused Guild that is here to provide you with a group of friendly players, happy to chat and help each other out if needed. Whether it's a tricky hero point, map completion or a larger group event, we wanna do it with you.

We try to do guild missions when we can, so if enough people are online and want to we can start something up, but we have no dead set time to do missions and there's no pressure to do anything if you'd rather do your own thing.

We also have a guild Discord server, it doesn't get used much and isn't essential to be in the guild, but if you use Discord it's there.

We have no rules or restrictions besides just being excellent to each other and having fun. It's a game and we are here to enjoy it.

If you want to join or are interested and have questions get in touch by sending an in-game message to:
ericdo.2647 (Guild Founder)

Or just ask here =)


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