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2v2 First Impressions

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    @Vallun.2071 said:

    Very insightful stuff and critiques. Switching should definitely be easier. Also not being able to get practice and try comps aside from when the tournaments is up is really rough.

    Still it's some of the most fun I've had in PvP in a long time and despite some builds, notably thief like you mentioned, really struggling I think it has a ton of potential and the buzz about them has been really high.

    I actually would rather see first to three KO's. Which might seem odd at first compared to the conventional Best of Three, but often times 2v2's feels SO explosive that after entering the tourney and waiting 10 minutes for your match to start, 10 seconds of action per match if even that can feel a bit anti-climactic. And the finals should be best of 5 IMO.

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    Nice vid man

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    Another option too the best 2 out of 3 is lets say each players has 3 lives. So basically you immediately respawn after your killed. Or a full 3 sec before respawning with your next live. The side with no more lives loses. EzPz

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