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"How to Train your Dolyak" Friendly ,casual ,guild recruiting [MOO]

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"How to Train your Dolyak" , a Friendly, Casual, Active Guild!
We welcome ANYONE who wanna join our family of Dolyaks !♡

-> Weekly guild missions

-> Daily FRACTAL teams(up to T4), ready to have fun with vets and teach newbies

-> Weekly Organised RAID trainings/runs with experienced players

-> PvP
-> Dungeons (depending on dolyaks' needs)

-Guild Special Events:
•Map Stampede every Friday,
•Various fun events every Saturday

-Seasonal events and competitions

•We have a Dolyak Intel at DISCORD, where we post everything you need to know about missions, events, have a talk and get to know each other !

-The server is Aurora glade (if u are interested in WvW)
-Guild Hall: Gilded Hollow

If you are friendly,social,active, newbie or veteran and wanna join, mail/whisp dolyak : Tsi.7235



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