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[EU][WVW] Looking for a EU focussed WvW guild

Hey, I'm currently looking to move my account servers.I can play Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday ,Thursdays during EU prime-time hours.. I'm currently on Sanctum of Rall, just looking for a bit more action during my hours

I would like a guild / server where I can enjoy both small scale and zerging, please dont hesitate to contact me:

kayoszx.7958 or PM me here


  • Solid State Commandos. The new frontier for organized GW2 communities.

    At SSC we cater exclusively to high end members, because our motto is quality over quantity; regardless of our fast paced development. Our rigorous selection process ensures we are matched with like minded people that can fit in with our roster and genuinely enjoy themselves.

    What constitutes a high end member?

    It's a particular kind of individual, one that respects themselves by allowing nothing but the best life has to offer to come their way. This person has high social aptitude, shows enthusiasm in uncharted grounds, holds strong beliefs in being a team player, shows loyalty to the establishment that houses them, and displays an above average level of intellect. SSC prefers to see the potential in their members rather than their net worth; which is why we occasionally find ourselves endorsing new players.

    SSC & YOU

    [A] PvP Benefits

    • ~>> Roster holds platinum and legendary rank players.
    • ~>> Networking with top players in the pvp community.
    • ~>> Priority Access to Saint Lia 1v1 Dueling Arena [SSC].
    • ~>> Advanced 1 on 1 PvP Training regardless of your profession.
    • ~>> Complete Access to SSC PvP University.
    • ~>> Automatic Tournaments & Private Tournaments opportunities.
    • ~>> Weekly PvP Guild Missions (fastest way to get ascended accessories)
    • ~>> 10% PvP Reward Track 24 hour Buff
    • ~>> Potential to win seasonal prizes for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place based on your rating.

    [B] WvW Benefits

    • ~>> Only ~150 gold to transfer to Underworld our base of operations. (first transfer is free)
    • ~>> WvW Guild Hall Upgrades are virtually done.
    • ~>> SSC will provide you with daily blueprints, core or superior, free of charge.
    • ~>> Full access to scribing station, objective claiming, and guild consumables.
    • ~>> Commanders receive a monthly compensation, provided they hold screenshots to prove their WvW campaigns when contacting one of the generals. Compensation is negotiable and variates on their performance.
    • ~>> Access to WvW Guild Hall Arena for Private Tournaments and Advanced Training.
    • ~>> Secure comms, supervised content, management with counter intelligence experience.
    • ~>> 10% WvW Reward Track 24 hour Buff
    • ~>> 10% WvW Experience 24 hour Buff

    [C] PvE Benefits

    • ~>> Access to Guild Hall Portal
    • ~>> 20% Critical Harvesting 24 hour Buff
    • ~>> 20% Critical Crafting 24 hour Buff
    • ~>> 10% Experience 24 hour Buff
    • ~>> 10% Karma 24 hour Buff
    • ~>> 10% Magic Find 24 hour Buff
    • ~>> 10% Map Bonus 24 hour Buff
    • ~>> Access to occasional Guild Banners
    • ~>> Fractal & Open World opportunities.
    • ~>> 5% Waypoint Discount

    [D] SSC Benefits

    • ~>> Diverse world wide fun and like-minded community.
    • ~>> 24/7 upkeep of guild administration within in-game and discord parameters.
    • ~>> Politics and religion free content.
    • ~>> Annual exciting guild meetups at undisclosed locations (must be of legal age).
    • ~>> Opportunity to purchase in-game real estate in Gilded Hollow, check #ssc-real-estate.
    • ~>> Multiple Music Bots available to cater your needs, listen to music, podcasts, etc, in your designated channels.
    • ~>> Safe discord links and content that is actively scanned by @Security A.I.
    • ~>> Ongoing discord notifications dailies, boss event timers, GW 2 updates, and news feed.
    • ~>> Privacy, we will protect and not share with 3rd parties any information you chose to disclose with management in private.
    • ~>> Advancement opportunities to climb up the chain of command.
    • ~>> Leadership training available for those interested in taking responsibility.

    For enrollment visit our website https://solidstatecommandos.wordpress.com/


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  • The lack of WvW Guilds looking on here is depressing :-1:

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