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[NA] Raid Guild (PVE) Looking for seasoned and new raiders [VV]

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Voice of the Void [VV] is a raid guild looking for two kinds of people.

The first are seasoned raiders who enjoy being social on discord and also really enjoy performing at a high level. Chronos that like tanking and take pride in their boons, healers who enjoy healing and take pride in topping off might/health, and dps who never stop going big D. With the seasoned group, we desire to build a team who work together and achieve an Elite level of performance. Our future goal with this group is to compete in the next Amateur Raiding Party, hosted by MightyTeapot.

The second group we are seeking are persons new to raiding. Again, being social and interacting on discord with the rest of us is important, as that is the best way to ask questions and get build/rotation advice. You have to be able to deal with mild to intermediate stress, as there are many new things to learn and keep track of that aren't part of open world. With a little effort, you can get great rewards and personal satisfaction. I don't mind training you from scratch, if you have an open mind and a firm drive to succeed. If you like healing, be the best you can be and dive in to your preferred class to learn about burst heals, Condi cleanses, and might stacking. If you want to tank and/or support your party, absorb all you can about support Chronomancer and we will help you with tanking patterns. If you want to hit things really hard and get rewarded with big numbers, be willing to get good gear, good food, and learn your rotations. We will help you find ways of getting ascended gear, but you can start raiding in exotics most of the time. Nothing in the game is impossible, but high end content takes some getting used to.

We have a dedicated discord server that we use to communicate about weekly meeting times, build advice, play advice, and new bosses to work on. We have active members from 4 pm eastern through 4 am eastern, though we occupy several time zones. I'm the guild leader, and I hang out on Discord for most of the day posting discussion topics and answering questions. If you have any questions or would like to apply, send me a mail!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
PS: my discord is hE.Ro#0940, shoot me a friend request and we can converse!


  • I’m interested in joining and raiding with you all (druid) I’m at work for a couple more hours but feel free to message me on discord Jade/Lorethiel#5111 or mail me in game. I have a post up on forums that recent and honkers pointed me in your direction.

  • hERo.2976hERo.2976 Member ✭✭

    It's funny Jade, I just spent a half hour between tasks typing a reply to your initial post, and Honkerrs beat me to the punch lol. I set you a discord friend request

  • Hello, long time player trying to get into raids. I have done a few but that was here and there. Would like to play Condi DPS or Utility Boon support mesmer kind of on the fence with it. Really would like to join you guys. Msg me in game or on Discord Jackal#1859

  • hERo.2976hERo.2976 Member ✭✭
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    I'll sent you a message in game Jackal, but I can't seem to find you on discord :(

  • Hey I would love to join if you still need people for Raids. I haven't cleared wing 3 5 and 6 but I have gotten some experience and cleared the others in full.

  • Papabless.2034Papabless.2034 Member
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    I'm still a little new but I would love to be apart of something bigger, my discord is Papabless16#7213 if you wanna shoot me a message. I think being apart of raids would be cool

  • Would love to hear more about the guild. Discord: Cantrip#9004

  • After playing PVE for a long time, I would like to start Raiding and be try out apart of a community. Discord - Scout/Kira Wei.2361#2436

  • I've been raiding with the GW2 Raid academy for a while, but I really, really, really want a dedicated team to raid with, to work on Legendarys, and otherwise to higher tier end game content that I crave.

    Right now I have a Banner Condi Warrior and working on other classes. Warrior will always be most dear to my heart but I'm making an effort to advance.
    Done a great deal of Wing 1 - Wing 4.

    Headed to bed now but Koryander#5732 is my discord.

  • hERo.2976hERo.2976 Member ✭✭

    Thanks @mordefelix.5826 , @Papabless.2034 , @Stormegeddon.4897 , @Kira Wei.2361 , those that gave me discords I have sent a friend request to. Those that sent me messages on the forum I have responded to with a discord link. I hope to hear from you all on discord soon! Thank you for your interest!

  • Still plenty of space in the guild! Over these past weeks I've written and posted Raid Boss guides, hosted trainings, and written an ascended gear acquisition guide. All of which are posted on our discord. Feel free to message me in game or on forums if you are interested, and I'll get you my discord so we can talk and you can ask questions.

  • Hello! I am a new player to this game and I'm interested in joining your guild. my discord is RiteINYOFace#3549

  • Bit of a seasoned player looking for a chill group to raid with. Done all wings (least experienced with w5) and can druid, dps, bs, chrono (can tank a few bosses). Discord is Vapor#6826

  • Serpiente.4510Serpiente.4510 Member
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    Hello. Returning player looking for a home. I got as far as getting legendary armor before taking a break, but i'd love to start from scratch.
    Discord is Serpiente.4510#1315

  • Rite is already talking with me in Discord. @Vapor.4572 and @Serpiente.4510 I've sent you friend requests in Discord, we can talk more there. I appreciate y'all checking us out! -Hero

  • I have played WoW since Vanilla and have raided since TBC currently still raiding Uldir 2 nights a week and I am looking to play more GW2 I have joined a couple of guilds here but they didn't seem to be quite right. I am new to GW2, but I plan on playing Mon Tues Fri Sat and Sun. that said my character is a lvl 80 warrior that's simply wearing boosted toon gear full exotics and a axe/axe build for open world . I am open to suggestions on improvement , and except any help in learning what I need to do to get to where I need to be. If I sound like a good fit hit me up on discord @ Shammy Haygar#1613 <- yes I main a resto shaman in wow :D

  • Been some time since I last raided. But getting interested in raiding once again. I have druid thief and scourge pretty much raid ready and all other classes I can get ready fairly easily. Just need practice again and a group willing to teach. Thank you!

  • Thanks for your interest y'all!

  • Heya! I'm an experienced Raider and I'd be quite interested in joining if you still have spots open. My discord is Naivvi#7869

  • @Cerulean Sky.7526 I sent you a friend request on Discord. We can talk more there. I am always looking for more exp for the guild! A lot of new or fairly new raiders have joined, and the more exp we have the faster everyone will learn. Bigger pool of exp means better and faster clears for all, and I welcome that.

  • hERo.2976hERo.2976 Member ✭✭

    Hey everyone, we organized our training schedule and curriculum, and will be launching this week. Message me on discord if you want in on some hot training action! Exp raiders, we love you and want more of you in our lives!

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    Just sent a friend request on discord, exp multi player =)

  • hERo.2976hERo.2976 Member ✭✭

    I saw the discord before I saw this post Wake. Welcome aboard!

  • hey i would really love to join your guild. I'm a long time player, only done a couple raids here and there. i really want to dive into raids kinda burnt out one everything else and been doing fractals for too long now lol. I'm currently necro main but i have every class lvl 80 and willing to play anything. Kinda leaning towards utility boon mesmer or some sort of dps. I'm on discord Mr Naga #7995

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