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Asura home instance

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The Asura home instance has 2 floors in front of the portal where you come in. The ground floor has a grass garden that's very peaceful and serene, with wind sweeping the grass and birds chirping. But the ambience is spoilt by a horrible noise coming from the building behind the garden. It's a loud buzzing sound that's made by two wall ornaments inside on the ground floor, and it can be heard outside from far away and on the top floor too

The same horrible sound is in two other places in the home instance, under the big triangle building to the left

Can the sound be removed from the home instance, and the other computer noises from all the other ornaments lowered in volume or turned off completely, so they don't spoil the ambience?

I also have the blue and yellow catmander cats in my home, and when they costume fight each other, they make very loud noises. Could those please be removed too?

And could the sound the golem makes when it walks around be removed as well?

please make a Taimi voice mail pack
my QoL wishes