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Could you please stop making high heels and skimpy armor for females?



  • Keep making that skimpy armor. I love it :)

  • Thanks for the clarification Gaile. It’s appreciated when we hear the official opinion on a subject. .

    Be careful what you ask for
    ANet might give it to you.

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  • daw.4923daw.4923 Member ✭✭

    i whoud love to know,which armor sets or outfits in last year were skimpy. link pls, heels too. thx.

  • @Gaile Gray.6029 As someone who plays exclusively female characters (and wages Fashion Wars pretty hard), I had a couple suggestions. I spent a lot of time choosing my Charr fur pattern and coloration, but I haven't found many styles of clothing to allow my charr to show off her beautiful pattern! I would love some more medium armor top options that aren't trench coats. We also seem to have a lack of shorts as a style in any armor weight. Light and Medium styles of shorts would be fantastic! Lastly, I've only found two sets of heavy female boots in the game that I like, and one of those are the Invisible boots lol. Having some "gladiatorial" type boots at the heavy weight that show a little more skin would be appreciated. Thanks for all you do for the Forums!

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