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“Guttural” sound effects

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I have some questions about the guttural sound effects/voiceovers (moaning, sighing, screaming etc.).

creating guttural voiceovers

GW2 has a big database of in-house (at least it seems so to me) guttural voiceovers. Creating a database for guttural sounds appear to be a lot of hard work, therefore, they are mostly reused for many projects (films, video games etc.). Example: I quite remember hearing those villagers screams, which I first heard in Lionhead’s Black & White, in different games, which were not even from Lionhead or Microsoft.

How hard is/was it to produce such a big guttural sound pack? How long did it take and how many voice actors did you use?

I know, some voice actors did multiple characters: Male Asura and male Humans have the same actor and female Asura and female Charr have the same actress. But I also know, that you recycled the Wilhelm scream for dying Grawl. :kissing_wink:

missing gutturals for female Sylvari

While you created such a big set of guttural sound effects, there is something I never did understand.
Many guttural sounds of the female Sylvari are not done by the original voice actress, which also did female Centaurs. Many sounds are being reused from the female Humans, which is quite noticeable, since the Sylvari voice actress has a very distinctive voice, while the actress for the female Humans has a higher pitch.

Why is the guttural sound set of the female Sylvari incomplete? There were no recycled sounds for the other main races. Would it still be possible to “complete” the Sylvari guttural voiceovers?

Examples (with GW2 browser (numbers)—under the folder “Sounds”):
There is only one unique death scream for female Sylvari (31031), the rest (3 out of 4) is filled up with female Human death screams (31028, 31029, 31030).
The following sound effects from female Humans have also been reused for female Sylvari:

  • 2 “being crippled” screams (31070, 31071),
  • 1 “being knocked down” scream (31100),
  • all “being electrocuted” screams (31170, 31171, 31173, 31174),
  • all “riffle jumps” (31175, 31176, 31177),
  • and much more.

Maybe I am complaining about this, since I really like the work of both guttural voice actors, who did the male and female Sylvari—it seems, they really put much passion into it. But I am also complaining, since this “recycling” only happens on female Sylvari and not on the other races and the “discontinuity” is quite noticeable. :'(