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Plaguedoctor Tempest

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Trying to make a condi/support Tempest centered around Plaguedoctors work for WvW. Earth, Fire, Tempest with Dagger/Warhorn using Signet of Fire for burst is a hoot. Antitoxin Runes and Sigil of Cleansing along with cleanse on aura keep condis a relative non issue, Doom Sigil for cover condi. It still feels kinda squishy, but that might just be a l2p issue atm.

Anyone played with anything like this?


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    Yes, but not with Plaguedoctors.

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  • The necromancers talked about this, and think it holds for elemental aswell.
    Also not going water in a support build feels a bit off, but can probably work with fire/earth :)

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    @Phoenix the One.4071 said:
    The necromancers talked about this, and think it holds for elemental aswell.
    Also not going water in a support build feels a bit off, but can probably work with fire/earth :)

    Yeah, I'm definitely favoring damage over support. I'll drop Fire for Water if needed situationally.

  • I really only tried Tempest as support in sPvP and that was great, but water felt mandatory, but I am big fan of going off meta..
    Also consider Air.
    What weapon will you run?

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    Dagger/Warhorn for now, Scepter over Dagger a bit, but I like the Dagger.

  • And which kinda buff do you go for? And you mainly do dmg, where does your main heals come from?

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    @Phoenix the One.4071 said:
    And which kinda buff do you go for? And you mainly do dmg, where does your main heals come from?

    Just from water attune, I have about 450 healing power and about 1800 condi damage without might. Most of the damage is in Fire and Earth of course. Sustain through boon up time with protection and regen, about 50% boon duration.

  • Okay :) give us some feedback on how it runs :)

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    You laugh when a condi mes or condi nec touches you :)

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    @Phoenix the One.4071 said:
    Okay :) give us some feedback on how it runs :)

    It's not perfect, but it's a fun, versatile brawler. Application rate of condi, cover condis, and stun breaks are a weakness. Better in a group than it is solo, but it's annoyingly hard to kill. I'm still playing with different utilities.

  • I think it is nice with a different take on the current meta-riding.

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    This is what it currently looks like:

    Antitoxin runes were overkill and I get more tankiness out of the Undead. Scepter over Dagger is an option, it can generate might faster and for your group and gives you some ranged ability, but I feel like it's fire skills are harder to land. You also lose an aura in Water and Air.

    If anyone has any feedback it'd be appreciated.

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    It all depends where you plan to play the build. I don't see how it can be good in anything other than npc fighting.

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    id like to make something like this work. for runes i would probably stick with traveler or speed runes since you have access to swiftness

  • I've been trying to make a condi tempest work in wvw for a long time.. You basically get a decent chance of killing unexpecting/inexperienced players, but anyone experienced will not be slightly bothered by it.

    I've ended up on full trailblazers with the antitoxin runes as you mentioned since they do help for a short time against condi builds while you have health for diamond skin to proc. Scepter/dagger with runes of bursting/smoldering. I dropped armor of earth for aftershock, and traited eye of the storm instead. With EotS, teleport and overloads, for stun break, Armor of Earth didn't get a lot of use. Auras grant protection, so aftershock gives you that, plus if you come across rangers/deadeyes you have an extra reflect, which can sometimes help. Burning precision and persisting flames gives you more fury since you have a lot of blast finishes with Sc/d, which procs quite a few more crits which in turn procs burning. Strength of stone for the extra condi damage since you have a lot of toughness from trailblazers.

    Does it work as a roaming build? Well.. kind of. Anything that can clean condi quick will likely be a long boring fight. Surprisingly necros and scourges aren't included there.. you can reapply burning quickly enough to tick their hp down. Firebrands will just cleanse forever and the fight will probably go no where. Spellbreakers will resist forever and probably do more damage than you can heal.. so yeah, not a lot of great fights left.

    Signet of Fire will instantly proc 2k burns but you need to cover that with other condis, like aftershocks cripple/immob but it's on such a long cool down. You'll not get one-shot by anything, but again it's not great.. I really wanted to build FGS in there to be more useful, but again the huge cooldown. Rebound is more useful as an aura of choice after it expires. SoF tends to get obstructed a hell of a lot more than it should plus it will go on full cool-down if you even manage to start using it without it connecting, and that's most your damage gone.

    So if I were to round this brief condi-tempest review up, it can be a thing, it can be fun to play but it's by no means competitive vs the majority of builds run in wvw. I've tried many variants, plaguedoctors inclusive but found overall the above build works best with minor variation. Warhorn was my first choice, but it has many more situational skills so overall off-hand dagger worked out best for me.

    I stick with it because I love tempest and really want it to be a thing, despite all the negatives above. If I were to offer any improvements to the class, it would to be improve their unique overload abilities, eg: were they to effect 10 players and have a 50% wider range, you wouldn't need to be in the middle of every fight to make them useful. (This might almost give them a solid place as aura healers in pve raids). Give them a couple unique traits for auras as they have frequent access to them. Tempests can also hit very frequently, which makes anything like retaliation do way more than it really should and you've virtually no boon strips. I'd love to see a counter-retaliation trait that lets auras invert retaliation damage back to the source.. something weird like that anyway.

    Good luck, maybe your build will turn out better!

  • I went with plaguedoc excluding 3 trinkets/rings i couldn't get and went apo, so its about 970/970 condi/healing. I go water/earth/tempest and D/F. Traveller runes, benev/transference and its enough minstrel support to be "ok" to help people, and really good at capturing camps and i did take a tower with it but it took ages.. that's about it though, won't kill decent players although you can scare them off. They rarely can kill you though.

    :( I really don't like weaver. Need tempest builds :>

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    Id suggest arcane/water for any support oriented tempest build (regardless of plaguedoctor or not).
    Arcane traitline with elemental attunement (=the trait) just provides so much more boons for your grp than earth alone ever could.

    Arcane really is mandatory imo. An argument for dropping water however, CAN be made, if you want to focus less on healing.