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LF NA Raid/PvE Guild to take an Intermediate Druid Under Their Wing

ArtemisJade.9068ArtemisJade.9068 Member
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Hi, I’m Jade.

I am currently looking for a raiding guild who would be willing to take a newish druid under their wing. I am fully geared in ascended harriers and have been fostered and taught by my home guild and they are really pretty great, but lately I just can’t seem to catch them in time for raids or the druid slot is already filled and I am starting to feel a little left behind. I know the mechanics on most fights and am comfortable clearing w1 and w4. I also know the Dhuum, Sloth, KC (need more pushing practice), Trio, and Escort fights.

I want to become good and solid enough to join a static. Also I know a lot of raid guilds prefer you to multi, I do have a fully geared weaver but my dps is not where it should be. I was an ele main for the first 5 years of game but for some reason I could just never get the weaver rotation quite right. The next character I plan to complete will be my BS which already has a full zerk set I just need a condi set for her.

My hours of play can be anywhere from 7pm EST to midnightish on weekdays and then pretty much at your beck and call on weekends if I don’t have irl plans.

A little bit about me outside of that so you know if I may be a good fit for your guild:

I’m 29. I work full time.
I have a bf who doesn’t play gw2 but plays other games with me.
I have a pretty dark sense of humor and am not super easily offended, but racial slurs are where the line is with me.
I also play League, 7 days to die, and random other games.
I’m always down for a discord game of cards against humanity.
I’m not one of those gals who requires a ton of attention, but a “Hello, wanna come along?” goes a long way with me.
I also enjoy other content like t4 fracs (want to learn cms in raids and fracs actually), achievement hunting, seasonal events, dungeons, and general help giving (I love helping people)
I’m a bit of a Smaug, if it makes any amount of gold in game, I’m probably down to come along.


  • hERo.2976hERo.2976 Member ✭✭

    Hi Jade,

    I'm the guild leader for Voice of the Void [VV]. We are a small but growing raid guild looking for more people. I would love a druid specialist! We currently have a druid/multirole who I think prefers dps, so having someone who enjoys druiding would free him up to pursue his other love interest, power Holosmith.

    We raid on Thursdays currently (around 5:30-8pm your time), but we could adjust it if enough people are free a little later. There's plenty of room for you to grow into a Banner Support role, as I am currently the only person in the guild who can BS and I am better with straight dps classes due to my single minded nature lol.

    One of my lieutenants is also an achievement hunter. I'm an ascended hunter primarily, but I do occasionally collect and I enjoy a variety of map meta events. Most importantly I'm always hitting up guild chat or whispering people see if they are free to do stuff. I'm off Thursday and Friday, and am on from noon through 5am your time. I work second shift the rest of the week for now, but as soon as I have can get a regular hours job I will be on right in your prime time. Until then, that same lieutenant who enjoys collecting is on quite often in the evenings and enjoys a variety of activities.

    If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to hit me up in game! We have a discord server that I'm on for most of the afternoon and evening as well. I enjoy talking shop about raid builds, strategies, and party compositions during the day.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  • That sounds great, feel free to shoot me an invite or a discord message. Discord is Jade/Lorethiel#5111

  • Howdy Jade,

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