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Soulbeast bugs

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I tried reporting bugs in the game via support, but almost a year has gone by and not much has changed.


Bird Animation
* So the bug occurs when you use Vulture or Moa stance. What happens is the bird animation will flap above your head that will not go away unless you re-log and load into an area that takes a while to load. This bug occurs for your camera field and is not visible by teammates, or it occurs to where you don't see it but your teammates do and the bird flapping above your head will continue much like the same way it does when you can see it.

Greatsword Ability 3
* Recently when you use Greatsword ability 3, which launches you forward, if you use it from a high elevation you can get implanted into the ground and stuck for a few seconds. This happens in PvP as well when you are exiting and it will implant you on flat ground when you leave a high elevation or spawn. You are able to escape via evasion, but the bug slows down your speed and progress which is time needed in a PvP or WvW match.

One Wolf Elite Spec
* When you use this spec a lot of time it does not trigger a second attack, me and my friends who use soulbeast have tried using it as of late to find that it bugs consistently. It used to be a great ability, but recently it has been malfunctioning and it seems to do nothing. We even used damage counters and there was no change. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Pet Stowing/Eternal Bond
* When you use your pets in soul-beast mode, sometimes when you get attacked it pulls you out of soulbeast, with the help of eternal bond, it will cause the pet to be permanently stowed (not to be confused with being soul-bonded with pet). The only way to fix this is to re-spawn and soul-bond after spawning which will bring your pet back into the battle and then you un-soulbeast to unstow him. So in essence, it gets permanently stowed and will not come out sometimes. Frustrating when you need to fight in PvP or WvW.

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