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Beetle Racing Power-ups disappear

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edited December 4, 2018 in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

When you do a beetle race, meaning the race event where you do three laps of the course, and then immediately afterwards go do a time trial, if you are still in the course when the race event ends, all the power-ups (the items that refill your endurance bar) along the track disappear. My guildmate and I have both noticed this, him in Brisban and I in Snowden specifically, but I'd assume it'd happen anywhere.

It happened to me just a few minutes ago (approximately 10:20pm Central Standard Time) on 12/3/2018 in Snowden Drifts (Jormag's Fang course).


  • You don't have to have been in a race first - if you do a time trial while a race is on, when the race finishes all the power-ups disappear.

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