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FA and JQ modes

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Many players from GW1 will remember the Fort Aspenwood and Jade Quarry game modes in pvp. For me, they were the most fun things to play as a casual pvper. There wasn't a ridiculous learning curve, communication was helpful but not completely necessary, and even though there were many PvE elements inside of it you still felt like you were playing a PvP game as the outcome wasn't influenced heavily by the npc presence.
Reference videos for people who never got to play those modes and want to see what I'm talking about so you understand what this post will entail: (please note I do not own either of the videos, these were just sampled from youtube)
Fort Aspenwood:
Jade Quarry:

Why do I bring up these old modes? Well as we all know Gw2 is very lackluster when it comes to pvp and subsequent pvp modes. I believe these two modes (would love to see most come back from Gw1 but even these are highly unlikely, I'm just posting to put the idea out there and have a fun discussion about it) would be very strong additions to the game utilizing the original framework for the modes with the following specifics:

  • 9v9 (ideally the game would be able to put one of each prof on a team so players could really play whatever they wanted without having to worry about class stacking or their preferred class being "non meta")
  • Split into two sides, kurzick and luxon (or simply just blue and red team) the players would queue to be on a specific side so you could play the style you wanted every time
  • Blue team would be focused on defending 2 outer gates, 2 inner gates, and a main gate in front of the lord's room. Their goal is to protect the lord (Master Architect Gunther) until he finishes his grand weapon "Gods' Vengeance"
  • Red team focuses on defending their siege turtles and breaking through the gates to attempt to kill the lord before he finishes his weapon
  • The only npc's in the match would be the lord (+ guards) and the siege turtles so there's limited PvE influence over the game mode (I'm looking at you stronghold) note: ALL npc's would be unaffected by stealth, swiftness, superspeed, and any shared invuln. They can be healed, given aegis, auras, etc.
  • Map would be significantly larger than any of the existing pvp maps right now so the environment for these fights would be much more open which would limit the effectiveness of the "spam aoe in the cramped fighting space" style that is current pvp (this would be the case for JQ as well)
  • No point system (no points for player kills, objectives, etc.) the game's outcome will be completely dependent on whether blue team can defend their lord, or if red team kills it.
  • No extra (or unnecessary) map mechanics like beasts, buffs, trebs, etc.


  • 9v9
  • Both blue and red team have the same objective: take over quarries, defend the jade carriers, and kill anyone who tries to stop you
  • Npc's present are the carriers for both teams and the quarry guards (5 guards per quarry), nothing extra placed around the map
  • Game outcome is dependent on which team was able to secure the most jade for themselves by the end of the match
  • Carriers would be unaffected by swiftness, stealth, superspeed, and invuln. They can be healed, given aegis, auras, etc.
  • Carriers can be killed and have a 15 second respawn timer (spawns from the quarry, once jade is delivered they walk back to the quarry to get more. This punishes teams who try to kill the carriers on their way back to the quarry as respawning will be quicker than walking)
  • Quarries are captured by killing all of the guards defending it, then capping the point. Guards do not respawn if the point is contested (this prevents bunkers from just holding the point until guards respawn and kill the attacker)
  • Point capture progresses towards the team that has the most players on the point (one bunker on the point with 2 attackers will not be able to stall the cap) However, placing more players on the point does not speed up cap progress (this prevents zerging for speed caps)

Would you like to see these modes come back to pvp? Why or why not? Are there other things you'd like to see make a return in GW2? Discuss!


  • Mathias.9657Mathias.9657 Member ✭✭✭

    Why do that when we can just play the same 1 mode forever and ever lul


  • Joey.3928Joey.3928 Member ✭✭

    I loved Fort Aspenwood so much. It was my preferred pvp mode.

  • I used to love gw1 pvp all aspects , n yes bring it all back to gw2 asap !

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