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[PvE] Midway - Casual Aussie/SEA Guild

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Midway [mWAY] is looking for members!

  • EVERYONE WELCOME: New and returning players welcome!
  • CASUAL: No strict representation requirements, no strict events or attendance schedules, no strict activity requirements.
  • LAID-BACK: Real life comes first.
  • TIMEZONE: Play on NA server during AUS/SEA/OCE timezones (happy to welcome players from other timezones who are active during our time).
  • PVE FOCUSED: Story Mode, Map completion, Dungeons, Fractals, Guild Missions, Meta Events and more.
  • RAID TRAINING: We've been on dipping the surface a few months ago but a lot of the higher ups including me went into a hiatus due to duties in real and so it had been really silent since. I really hope that we can make some progress with this recruitment post!
  • DISCORD: Active Discord used for voice chat, text chat, events, notices, announcements & much more.

Please pm/mail Glaceon,.4513 in game or YuunaTuna#3900 on discord for an invite or further information about the guild. (Yes it is still me haha)
My side peeps to pm to if you can't reach out for me xD
Featherpillow.6750 / himekohimura.1078

Note: The leader is currently inactive at the moment, but I love the guild too much to let it go. So with only the status of an Officer and the activity of other people who are still committed to the guild as well had kept things alive here. That's why we're trying to recruit some more new peeps so we can get activities like Guild Missions and Raid Training running again!

Also looking for volunteers for a side-Officer (just a role below the officers to help get things under control!) as well as leading Raid Training and giving general advises and such.

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